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toy story buzz lightyear
What kid doesn’t love Toy Story? The adventure. The friendship.

Granted, the last episode was pretty intense. Heck, I was scared.

But the hardy bunch of friends pulled through by the skin of their teeth and the strength of their friendship.

And they earned a few new friends along the way as well!

Your Kid Will Want To Ride More

The Toy Story 3 bike is a great color. The kids are absolutely dying to get on it and pedal.

It really invokes Buzz Lightyear with that color scheme, and I know my boy can’t wait to go zooming around “to infinity and beyond!”

My kid likes to wear his Buzz Lightyear wings when riding his bike. (Ok, let’s face it, he likes wearing his Buzz  Lightyear wings to just about everything he does.)

The only problem is trying to keep your kid from dragging the bike to bed with him.

Getting the Right Bike Size

The sizing on the Toy Story bikes is based on the tire size.  Smaller kids will need a bike with a smaller tire, since that bike is lower to the ground.  Shorter bikes allow for more stand-over height.

You want your bike to be the right size for your kid.  This allows them to ride it safely and enables them to control it well.

Here are some guidelines:

2- 4 years old       12″ bike

4- 6 years old      16″ bike

6- 9 years old      20″ bike

Disney’s Toy Story 3 bikes are only available in the 12″ and the 16″ sizes.  Hopefully, by the time your kid needs a 20″ bike, you will be able to get them converted into a fan of Spiderman.

There are also some ride-on toys for the Toy Story 3.  The Lil Quad is a fun toy.

However, they are all selling out, fast.

Most likely, you are here because you are having a helluva time finding the Toy Story 3 bicycle. I’ve had this blog post up for awhile and it appears that this product is now discontinued. There are still some ways that you might be able to get one, and I also offer some ideas on how you can incorporate Toy Story into your child’s riding experience

Hey, my kids love it as much as your kids do!

16 inch toy story 3 bike

The 16″ Toy Story 3 Bike For Kids

The 16″ Toy Story Bike is harder to find, so you may have to dig around online a little bit more since it is a more popular size.  However, you are sure to make your kid’s day once you find one!

Assembly Tips:
There is a little bit of assembly required when you get the bike. Frankly, I’ve put a lot of these together working at the bike shop and these are really easy to assemble. The only tricky part is to make sure that the front fork gets turned around correctly so that it is more stable.

Also, you will want to put as much tension on the chain as you can. There should be just about 1/4″ of play in the chain once you get everything tightened down — otherwise, the chain may hop off.

Basically, they are a cinch to put together.

Unfortunately, these Toy Story Bikes Are no longer in production. And ya’ll keep emailing me, asking where to buy them. You have two options.

Import A Toy Story Bike

I haven’t seen them sold anywhere in the US for several years, now. However, I do find them on, from time to time and

The trick here would be to find the product for sale and then to work with a package forwarding service (like this one, for example)  to get it into the states

I have never done this, and I can imagine there are a lot of risks. For starters, it is going to take forever to get here. It could get held up in customs. It could receive extra taxes or fines or customs fees (I’m making stuff up, now).

This options will not be cheap, but, for the kid who has it all, and a parent who never says “never”,  this option could exist.

Build Your Own Toy Story Bicycle!

Don’t write me off. I’m not crazy. You just take a bunch of metal, some spray paint…

I’m kidding.

There are a lot of bike accessories being sold online with the Toy Story logo. Everything from helmets, to water bottles, to horns to tassles.

If you could find a blue or a green child’s bicycle, you could accent it with one of these kits and have a pretty convincing themed ride for kiddo. (Scroll up if you need my sizing guide again. I tell you what size to buy based on their age and it works for this option, too.)

To them, it would be a Toy Story bicycle all the way, and you will have accomplished the impossible.

Request: If you end up pulling off a Toy Story birthday or bicycle, I’d love to see it. Feel free to comment below with a link to your videos or images. I’ll be sure to give you credit, and I think it could be neat to see what creativity we manage to bring to this.

See The Toy Story 3 Bike In Action!

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