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There are hundreds of stationary bike designs.

There are many different desk bikes.

But there will only ever be one SitNCycle.

Sit n Cycle “As Seen On TV”

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If you’ve ever happened to catch QVC on a Saturday morning, you’ve undoubtedly seen the SitNcycle exercise bike. The sales proposition is simple: convert your TV time into calorie burning time.

We’ve all tried this before. But most workout equipment is heavy, clunky, works poorly and takes up a good portion of the already limited house space.

The SitNCycle changes that.

A Proven Weight Loss System

You’ll notice right away that this bike is missing the handlebars. (I mean, what’s up with that?)

It’s just another example that less is more.

What ICON Health & Fitness (the current sellers of the SitNCycle) understand is that getting in shape is a game of inches.

A game of consistency.

In a world of Biggest Loser and P90x, we consumers want that magic pill that will help us burn 4 pounds per week and get us back to our svelte high school body in the time it takes us to binge watch Friends on Netflix (not a bad plan, actually. )

What SitNCycle knows is that weight loss takes time. Your body can only process so much fat each day. To some extent, your body is designed to hold onto fat as a protective measure.

“Active Sitting”

man sitting in living watching tv while pedalling sitncycle

Image Still from SmoothFitness Youtube Channel

When are you going to find time to work out?

Americans sit for 13 hours a day, on average.

By making your next workout as easy as sitting down, this bike gives you a fighting chance.

All you have to do is change one habit:

Instead of sitting on a chair, sit on this bike.

In fact, I’m going to challenge you that for your first month, you don’t even need to turn the resistance up.

Just build the habit of sitting on the bike and spinning your legs slowly and lightly on the pedals.

The rest of your fitness will come after your establishing consistency.

Losing Weight With The Sit N Cycle

Low Impact Workout

Low impact is key with the Sit N Cycle. Tearing out the door at a full sprint is an excellent way to hurt yourself. The easy, non-jarring motion of pedaling is exactly what the doctor order to help you burn calories without damaging your joints.

For a long time, they’ve been targeting their product to Baby Boomers. (If it tells you anything about the target market, they launched this product with Dorothy Hamill — the gold medal ice skater — as it’s spokesperson. )

In my opinion, this product is perfect for our tech generation. We’re constantly gaming, typing on our laptops, watching TV and surfing the internet on the phones. This product is ideal for our lifestyle! Even better, we can stem the tide now, while we are young.

Daily Caloric Burn

When you compare the calories, you burn while pedaling easy compared to the calories you burn while sitting still, it is truly inspiring.

What people don’t realize is that exercising is more than just burning calories. When you workout — even for 10 minutes — you tell your body to boost the “workout hormones.”

This cascade of hormones is commonly referred to as a “metabolism boost.”

So not only are burning some calories right away, you are triggering your body to store less fat and build more muscle.

Especially when you are getting exercise every day.

Golden Silence

Noise. That one aspect people forget to think about when shopping for workout equipment. This one is quiet enough that you can listen to your TV show without jacking the volume to obscene levels.

Or you can use its silence to sneak in a ninja workout while the spouse sleeps.

A Workout For Any Level*

*I’m going to add a caveat. If you are training for triathlons or some other hardcore cycling sport, this probably shouldn’t be your main training machine.

What is great about this bike is that it can help you at any level.

It has eight levels of resistance to give you a hard workout. So if you are a runner who just wants to stay in shape while working or watching TV, you can set it a few levels higher and still get a workout.

The other cool thing is the “no handlebars.” This lack of handlebars encourages you to sit upright while working out which engages and tones your core.

A stronger core and back improves your posture, undoing the damage that hundreds of hours of office work your body has had to endure.

For added fun, I like to keep a couple of two-pound dumbells nearby so I can do curls, triceps extensions and military presses (over the head) while I pedal.

I even do this on my normal stationary bike, but that is just easier on the Sit-N-Cycle since you are not fighting with handlebars.

A Well-Built Machine

Image From Ebay Listing

This one has been around for awhile. You see them at estate sales all the time.

It’s a machine that has stood the test of time.

One of the things I especially love is that it is rated up to 300 pounds.

Do you know how many home workout machines can’t handle 300 pounds? Quite a few.

Most of the negative reviews I could find seem to revolve around a misunderstanding of the assembly process.

Pedal Complaints With The Sit-N-Cycle

The biggest negative review you see on this product is that the “pedals came off.”

This happens when people don’t pay attention to the instructions and realize there are a LEFT and RIGHT pedal.

You see the LEFT side tightens by turning COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

So if you get them backward, they won’t go in properly, and then they ultimately strip out, ruining the crankarms.

This video gives you step-by-step assembly instructions, including the little bit about the pedals. Watch the whole video once through before beginning your installation, and you can avoid the mistake that causes the biggest complaints.

Bookmark this page so you can watch this video before assembly:



The SitNCycle has adjustable seat positions. I recommend raising the saddle so you can easily reach the pedals, with a slight bend in your knee.

The key is, you don’t want to be so high that you are reaching for the pedals since this makes you rock back and forth, causing excess chafing.

Buying The SitNCycle

Availability And Colors Subject To Change

The Sit-N-Cycle comes in 4 color options. You can have a “his and hers” or just pick your favorite color.

With the SitNCycle, there is nothing to plug in. It’s quite. It’s light. It’s accessible to any age.

And ultimately, it makes your workout out as easy, as sitting down.

Your body can only take being on the backburner for so long before it’s going to break down.

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Recommended Upgrade

Bike seats are notoriously uncomfortable.

The wide surface of this seat does a lot to mitigate that.

And, to some extent, you just need to get used to sitting on a bike seat for awhile before your butt toughens up.

However, the more comfortable you can make your workout, the more likely it is you will stick with it.

So I recommend grabbing this gel seat cover to make it more comfortable.

SitNCycle Similar Products

There are a couple of other products I like, namely the FitDesk 2.0 and the Deskcycle. (You can click them to read my in-depth reviews in a new window)

If you want to pedal while working on a laptop, I think these two alternatives are better since they either provide a place to set your laptop, or they are designed to work with your existing desk.

The SitNCycle has a minimum height which makes it harder to find a desk that it will work with for laptop work (although I find standing desks and the kitchen bar are about right.)

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