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Today, we are going to take a look at the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 and see what it has to offer compared to the AD2, AD4, AD Pro, Evo Comp and the Assault Bike. Let’s get started!

The Airdyne AD6 is a quality fan bike that will give you a hardcore workout if that is what you desire. Many times the AD6 is used for high endurance exercises by CrossFit gurus. However, beginners should also be happy with the AD6. So, whether you are looking for a lower resistance calorie burn or an extreme cardio or HIIT exercise, you will have it all.


The AD6 comes partially assembled, most users can put the rest together in an hour or less. The instruction manual is very clear and includes the proper tools to assemble your machine. Not to mention, everything is labeled accordingly, which is a huge plus.

The worst part of the assembly is going to be the weight of the machine inside the box before you unpack it. You might need to ask a friend or relative for help, to prevent injury to yourself or your new purchase. Once you can get a hold of the stabilizer bars, you should be good to go.

The seat might also need a little tweaking with an adjustable wrench. The tool that the manufacturer does not always get the job done. You will also need to add a few parts yourself. The console, pedals, seat, handlebars, water bottle holder and adjustment pole will need to be assembled onto the bike.


Please note that the AD6 has a muscular build. Constructed of mostly steel, you will not find the AD6 shaking and wobbling around while it is in use. Everything seems to be welded and situated together quite well.

You can not beat the warranty either. The frame comes in at a colossal 15-years, along with a 3-year parts warranty, two year electrical, and six months of labor. Most bikes of it’s kind will not come with such an incredible guarantee.

Who knows, you might not have to use the warranty options with this extremely well-built model. The AD6 is known to take a licking and keep on ticking.


There is only one feature that might need some extra tweaking, and I have already mentioned it. The seat’s height will likely need a proper adjusting. You will want to be sure that your legs are in the best possible position, for comfort purposes and to prevent injury.

Sadly, you can not adjust the seat horizontally, so you might find yourself too close or too far away depending on your height. If you are under 5’3″, you might have trouble getting a hold of the handlebars because they can not be adjusted.

Something that I find satisfying is that the handlebars move back and forth with the pedals, making things a tad easier. Adjustments for vertical seating is also quick and easy.


Being a fan bike, you control your resistance levels. Controlling a resistance level of your own makes the AD6 perfect for CrossFitters and even beginners.

The fan pushes air which creates a heavier resistance as you pedal. ABS plastics were used to craft the fan itself. ABS plastics are known to be incredibly durable and should last for years to come.

The fan’s positioning is proportioned forward. Some users do not like to be hammered by a breeze while they are pedaling, making the forward positioning a plus for many users. If a person wanted to, they could pedal backward to create a breeze. However, your pedals could also come undone if you choose to pedal backward.

Belt drive

One thing that I like about the AD6 is the dual-stage super-torque drive belts. These provide a smooth and peaceful ride as well as a low maintenance level. This kind of drive belt will last for years, and should not need replacing for quite some time.

When the day comes for replacing, I have to inform you that you will likely need to hire a professional. Specific tools may need to be used to replace a belt drive.

The dual-stage belt drive is also heavily protected by plastic. The plastic piece will prevent sweat and dirt from corroding your machine. You should also be happy to know that it protects against loose clothing, limbs, and fingers too!



I’ve always liked pedals with straps, and that is what you will get with the AD6. The straps will hold your feet into place and should prevent slipping. You will find that you can wear regular shoes or special training shoes. This model also comes with a fixed gear, so your pedals, fan wheel, and handles will move in the same rotation. You can specifically train your arms if you prefer. There are foot rests at the front of your bike and out of the way of the pedals. The foot rests a slick feature.


As I just said, your handlebars will move back and forth when the bike is in motion. There is not a way to set them into place. You will likely find yourself with your hands down to your sides if it strictly legs day. People of smaller stature might have a hard time trying to lean forward to reach the handlebars when the handlebars are at their furthest forward positioning. Some might find this uncomfortable, and a real pain in the neck (or arms).


Most users claim that the seat is pleasant with its considerable size, and extra padding. If you do not like the original seat, you may exchange it for a standard bike seat. To attach the seat to the pole, you will need to purchase a clamp.

Weight limit

The limit for this model is 300 lbs, which is pretty impressive.

Water bottle holder

You may be asking yourself, ‘How is a water bottle considered a comfortability feature?’. Please allow me to explain. The holder is at the front of the bike, which means that you will not have to sit next to a table or stand. But take precaution! When you reach for your bottle or return it to its holder, you will need to keep an eye on the handlebars, or they might hit your arms. Being mindful of this feature is a good idea. It could provide a pleasant or unpleasant experience.


The AD6’s console is going to be very basic, which is all you need for a hardcore exercise bike. The lettering/numbers are sizable and easy to read. You will want to make sure that you are in a well-lit room because this console does not have a backlighting feature. Other than that, it displays everything that you could want from the RPM, time, distance, watts, speed, calories, and heart rate. Although, you will need to purchase an uncoded Polar compatible strap to sync to your machine. That is of course if your heart rate is important to your exercising style.

Your top screen is going to show a new RPM RevMeter and will show you have how you are pedaling. It is one of Schwinn’s newest features. The time display goes up to 99:59, but will reset itself if you go over. Speed and distance are in miles or kilometers. It depends on which one you would prefer. Watts will go by how much work you put into your routine. The resistance will not be like a regular bicycle but will get the job done. Your calorie-burning statistics will consist of an estimate. You can also put your height and weight in, but are not required to do so.

You will notice that they are three buttons for starting, stopping, or pausing. You will also be allowed to adjust your timing goals, set your KMS or miles, and enter altitude. The console also requires two AA batteries and notifies you when your batteries are wearing thin and need replacing. The console also includes a five-minute timing feature, where it will power itself off when it does not detect movement. Some users will love this and may find time to use the bathroom, fill a water bottle, or take care of another quick issue.

The console can be programmed to monitor the length of your exercise and will count down. If you hit the pause button, it will display your current statistics, but you might want to jot them down on a notepad. This console does not save statistics in its database or let you upload them to an application program.


A reading rack and windscreen are purchasable as separate accessories for the AD6. The reading stand is a nice feature, that will attach to the front of the bike. It will allow a tablet, book, cell phone, and many other things. Some users have reported that it was difficult to install.

The windscreen is not necessary for most users. With the fan being so far in the front of the machine, I don’t see where it will be a problem. However, if you choose to buy the windscreen, it is an easy install.

Quick note

The AD6 instructions are quite impressive and even give advice on the best training zones, adjustments, and ideas for different training methods. You can also find videos on Youtube!


Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. Schwinn Airdyne AD2

From what I can see, the AD6 beats the AD2 by miles and miles. The AD6’s durability is far more superior. It comes with a water bottle holder along with two other accessory options, has a bigger seat with extra padding, and has a much longer warranty.

The AD2 is quiet, but not as quiet as the AD6. It only accommodates a weight limit of up to 250 lbs and has a much smaller console screen. Not only is the console smaller, but it sits low to the ground, making it awkward.

The AD6 also displays your measurement all at once. Because the AD2 has a smaller screen, it does not have the same capability; it can only present one statistic at a time. The AD2 does not have the option to monitor your heart rate or watts. It does not allow you to set goals either. So, if you want to count your burned calories, time or distance, then you will not be able to do so. The biggest plus that I found about the AD2 was its size. It is small in stature and will take up a little less room than the AD6.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. Schwinn AD4

There are many similarities between these two pieces of machinery. The biggest complaints about the AD4 are the sound and comfortability of the seat. Although, the AD4 comes with an excellent warranty at 30 years for the frame, three years on parts and electronics, and a one-year labor warranty. If you want a quiet and more comfortable bike, then I would stick with the AD6.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro

I must admit, the AD Pro has some great features compared to the AD6. But it also lacks a few important things.
We know by now, the AD6 does not have any pre-set workout programs. The AD Pro does have nine workout programs to target your goals and desires. While the AD6 has a high-resolution LCD screen, the AD Pro has a higher contrast, allowing you to view it a little easier.

Some users say that the AD Pro’s seat is not nearly as comfortable as the AD6, and may need replacing with a standard bicycle seat. My favorite feature of the AD Pro is the fact that the handlebars can move around. You can position them vertically, or horizontally. Another kicker of the AD Pro is the warranty. You get five more years in the frame for the AD6, and an extra year for parts.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp

Although the Evo Comp does have two workout programs and a generous warranty of 30-years for the frame, three years on parts and electronics, and one year for labor. It does not compare well to features of the AD6.

Many have reported that the seat is significantly uncomfortable, the fan is not set very far forward which creates more wind than you may have bargained for, assembly instructions are poor, and the pedals are cheap quality. Some say that the fan provides just the right amount of wind flow for your workout. But, it is not everyone’s cup of protein shake.

Not to mention, the Evo Comp works more like an elliptical than your average exercise bike because of its ability to work your upper and lower body at the same time.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. The Assault Bike

Many exercise enthusiasts claim that these two machines can go head to head, but which one is truly the better deal for you? Let’s a take a look at the mighty AD6 vs. the all-powerful Assault Bike.

First off, I found that these two are very similar in many aspects. The Assault Bike was designed for a brutal workout, as was the AD6. Both are heavily sturdy and should last for many years. The Assault’s console has a sleeker look and is easier to use. It is also simpler to assemble until you need a longer wrench. Most users reported that they had to use a crescent wrench to make the bolts stay in place. You want to be sure that they are screwed in tightly, for your safety and everyone else in the vicinity. The weight limit on the AD6 is 300 lbs, where the Assault bike can hold up to 350 pounds.

Neither the AD6 or Assault have pre-set workout programs. But again, you won’t need them with either of these bikes. One of the great things about the Assault Bike is the adjustable seat. You can take it upwards, downwards, forwards, and backward to help fit each separate rider.

There have been reports of the Assault Bike’s seat being a little too uncomfortable. Some have successfully exchanged it with the Sunlike Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle. One of the things that I loved the most about the AD6 was the straps on the pedals. The Assault Bike typically requires just as much exercise but does not feature foot straps. Lacking foot straps could cause some unwanted strain or injuries.

The Assault has a chain drive, compared to the AD6’s duel-state super-torque belt drives. Making the Assault Bike’s chain drive a little more aggravating in comparison. Chain drives typically need routine maintenance with lubrication and adjusting of the tension. With the AD6’s belt drive, it is much smoother, and only has a hint of noise. Plus, the belt drive does not require routine maintenance or replacing for years to come.

As for sound, the Assault bike has metal blades, creating a different sound. The AD6 has plastic blades, which makes stronger results and provides better resistance. You also can’t escape the fact that metal fan blades might be an incredibly bad idea if you have small children or pets running around your home or gym. You will not be able to buy extra accessories for the Assault bike, as it is a very simple machine. The warranty is not bad either but does not come close to the AD6’s warranty, which is ten years longer for the frame itself.

Overall evaluation of the Schwinn Airdyne AD6

I feel like the Airdyne AD6 is easily the best bike out of the bunch. It has fantastic reviews all over the internet, without much criticism.

You simply can not beat a bike that is built to be quiet, durable, safe, comfortable, easy to put together, has an incredible reputation, added accessories for purchase, has a massive warranty, and where you can set your pace with hardcore CrossFit exercises or light weight beginner exercises.

Remember, you set your resistance levels when you pedal the bike. The harder you pedal, the more resistance will build up around the plastic fan blades. With the lengthy warranty, you should be all set with your purchase. Many users claim that they have not had to replace anything on their AD6 machines.

The console is tough to beat. When you have the RPM, time, distance, watts, speed, calories, and heart rate, what more could you want on a console? Three buttons make it easy to do what you need to do without much hesitation or confusion. The transport wheels make it easy to move, and it takes up little space.

Nobody wants a machine that looks like a log and feels like one too. Moving from home to home can become a real problem when you are lugging around heavy exercise equipment. The easy to reach water bottle holder is fantastic if you can avoid getting hit by the swinging handlebars. Again, be on the lookout for those bars!

I feel good enough about the AD6 that I am considering a purchase myself. If you are not sure, you can always check your local YMCA, gym or park board for an AD6 or any other machine that I have listed. Most gyms will have these high-quality machines in their facilities. Sometimes it is best to try before you buy, then again, I have broken it down for you.

So, it is time to make a decision, and I hope that I have helped with that task. We all know that it can be quite the task with so many exercise machines in the world. There is always something new, bigger, and better. Or is there? I feel like the Airdyne AD6 will hold it’s own for many years to come and will be in gyms and homes all across the world.

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