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Today, we are going to go over the Schwinn 170 exercise bike. Have you been trying to find the right stationary bike that fits your needs fully? Let’s discover the options.

Most of us know that Schwinn is a reputable brand when it comes to biking and bicycling needs. But what others don’t know is that Schwinn also makes stationary bikes and equipment. Although, the company was

recently bought out by Pacific Cycle is 2001. Many have questioned the quality. But have no fear, if something goes amiss, the Schwinn 170 has an incredibly satisfying warranty, which should cover most everything.

You have a machine that is visually stunning, with a matte black finish. This enables the bike to fit in, in almost any place and it still looks beautiful.

Top features

– 29 amazing workout programs, where you can adapt to your own levels of comfort and needs.

– Two fitness testing programs, so you can see your improvements and stay up to par.

– 3-speed fan to deal with the heat of the moment, during your activities.

– Several heart rate programs, including one that shows how quickly your heart rate can recover from the lightest to the highest brisk workout.

– The bike does have the option to use a chest heart rate monitor; however, you will have to purchase it separately. It will not come with the purchase of your machine.

– Profile options, so you can get personal with your new machine. The system remembers your routine, personal strengths, and weaknesses. Before you know it, this bike will have you right on track and where you need to be. You can even save the data onto a USB stick and have the option to upload it.

– This brings us to the onboard USB port and charging station. Not only can you download your personal data and statistics, but you can also hook up your MP3 player, iPad, cell phone, or other devices.

– You may be thinking, “Why would I want to charge my electronics with my stationary bike when I can just use a standard plug-in?”. The answer is pretty impressive. The 170 also features a media shelf to hold your iPad, phone, favorite magazine, and much more. You could watch a movie, YouTube videos, or many other things, while you work out.

– You may also plug your MP3 player in, and listen to the fascinating sound of the built-in acoustic chambered speakers. With deep, and clear quality, you can’t go wrong here if you like to hear to your jams during a good workout.

– A 3-piece crank system for a more durable machine.

– The resistance levels are right where most would like them to be. 25 levels of eddy magnetic current will help you determine how hard you will push yourself with each use. The good news is that you may keep going up higher, and higher or stay right where you are at until you are cozy enough to up the ante.

– A high-speed inertia perimeter weighted flywheel makes things go a lot smoother, with continuous resistance levels. The more you push yourself, the higher number of calories burned and results that you will earn.

– Two displays are also a handy feature with the 170. These screens will show your progress and hard work ethic. This exciting LCD screen will visibly display 13 fitness related results. You can monitor your pulse, RPM, time, distances, and intensity of your workout. The LCD also features backlighting, so it is easier to distinguish in different shades of light.

– Sturdiness and durability are two of the most popular reasons that people love the 170 model. It is also quiet, which is ideal for working out while your little ones are trying to sleep. Maybe you had a long day at work and did not find time for your daily workout. The hushed sound of this model will allow you to do your thing at night, without waking others.

– Comfortable armrests, which can be modified to fit your preferred angle.

– A thick, full seat for a more comfortable position. However, you can also purchase most other regular bicycle seats, which will fit on the 170.

– Ride it vertically or horizontally. Any way that you prefer.

– A large water bottle holder is conveniently attached in front of you. Schwinn gave this one some good thought, and have provided a more spacious spot for oversized bottles or all bottles alike.

– SchwinnConnect also comes with this elaborate machine. The functionality sends the user’s results to the SchwinnConnect website for easier tracking of your health and fitness. SchwinnConnect also has the capability to link to Connect TM and MyFitnessPal, as well as other fitness apps. These apps allow the user to see their activity, personal best and even share their hard earned goals with friends and family members.

– The 170 does not require much taken up space, and is reasonably light, coming in at 62.8 lbs. Transport wheels are attached for an easier way to move your stationary around the house or gym, to different locations.

– 300-pound weight limit, which is great, considering that not every stationary has this option.

– Another great thing about the 170 model is that the pedals are super sturdy and built to last.

– As I had mentioned earlier, the manufacturer’s warranty is satisfying, which I would consider as a huge stress reliever. You get a ten-year frame. Two years of mechanical, one year of electrical, and 90 days labor guarantee.

Overall, I have not found many negatives about the Schwinn 170. Most owners seem to be very fond of their purchase of the 170, and more often than not, would recommend it to others. Some report that the assembly of the 170 can be tricky because the instruction manual uses diagrams for the most part.

Others have indicated that it usually takes about an hour to assemble, and found it relatively easy.

Comparisons to Schwinn’s other top models

Schwinn 130

There are a lot of similarities between the 130 and the 170. But, there are a few substantial differences. It just depends on what you would prefer. The 130 comes with a nice magnetic resistance, belt drive, flywheel, workout programs, and the option to upload your workouts.

While the 170 has more workouts in its system, the 130 also has some pretty decent choices. The 170 also has more presets for profile programs. With a whopping 12 total, the 130 only has a few less, standing at nine total.

The 170 gives double the profiles, while the 130 only holds 4 of them. When it comes to comfort, the Schwinn 130 lacks the elbow pads that the 170 does have. It also has smaller, standard sized pedals. Where the 170 has bigger pedals, much more fit for the ankles and heels.

If you remember, the 170 has the 3-piece crank system. The 130 has a 1-piece crank which could make it seem a little less sturdy. But, it’s still a great machine. One feature that the 130 features that the 170 does not, is the heart rate customization. You can customize the heart rate to your liking. All in all, the similarities are there, but it lacks just a few things.

Schwinn 150

One thing that I love about the 150, is that it also allows a 300 lb weight limit. Nonetheless, it does not feature pulse sensors on the handlebars. It also lacks the USB port and is surprisingly a bit heavier than the 170. This machine comes with 16 resistance levels, instead of the tremendous 25 that you receive on the 170. This bike

only allows 2 user profiles, instead of 4.

You will also notice that the 150 has 26 programs, to the 170’s amount of 29. So, you are not losing much there
. The speaker system is a little different, with in-console speakers and a music input port instead of the 170’s
fancier acoustic speaker system.

The time frame for the warranty slightly differs, with a 5-year frame, mechanical and electrical one year, wear parts 90 days, and labor is also a 90-day guarantee.

Schwinn 270

This bike seems very similar to the 170 model. There are not a lot of differences here. Albeit, the 270 has single piece frame, with 2 integrated levelers and a large mid-frame support. This makes for a sturdy piece of machinery. The walk-through frame provides an easy access, with a comfortable seating situation. Aluminum sliders grant the ability of an easy seat adjustment. Not to mention, the back of your seat has a ventilation area of its own, making things easier for a cool down once you break a sweat.

Schwinn A10

The A10 did not impress me as much as the other models that I have already compared. You will notice that it carries less pre-set programs, and lacks some other things such as heart rate control, fitness, and recovery programs. It only has hand sensors and does not provide the heart strap function. The positioning isn’t as enjoyable, or comfortable for users.

Your display screen is not backlit and may be harder to see in certain lighting conditions. It also lacks more graphical display.

While models like the 170 have your 25 levels of magnetic resistance, the A10 only has eight levels. That is something that you will want to consider. The A10 would be perfect for someone who is just starting out and who wants a middle-of-the-road style of workout. The max weight limit on the A10 is a little less, with 275 lbs tops.

Like some of the others, this model only features a 1-piece crank. One major downside is that the A10 you are only able to use 4 of the D sized batteries, or an AC adapter. Both of these items must be purchased separately.

The A10 also lacks user profiles, period. This will make it a lot less personal, but more practical. If you are not looking for bells and whistles, this machine might be the right fit for you. Keep in mind that the A10 is also a vertical only machine. So, if you want a workout where you can sit back and relax a little, this might hinder your experience. But you never know, you might like it just the way it is.


If you want a good, all-around workout with plenty of breathtaking features, then the 170 might be for you. The 130 is also an exquisite choice and does not lack many features than the 170 model. Same with the 150 model, there are not a lot of differences.

The 270 also does not seem to show much of a difference, other than better comfortability. So if you are looking for a more comfortable experience, with all of the bells and whistles, then the 270 might be the way to go. The A10 did not impress me much, but does have a few great things about it and most importantly if you are looking for something more practical, then I would suggest this model.

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