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You know the drill…

  • The Gym Hasn’t Seen You For A Week
  • The Bike Is Collecting Dust
  • You Are Constantly Low On Energy
  • You Are Afraid To Step On A Scale….
  • You Have A Constant, Overwhelming, Feeling Of Overwhelm

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

About My Experience With Organifi Green Juice

There is no sport like cycling.

Cycling takes you to the edge of what is humanly possible. It’s one of the only sports where coaches have you record your resting heart rate every morning to make sure that you aren’t “overtraining.”

This sport will chew up a highly-trained athlete and spit him out as a shriveled, emaciated version of himself, leaving him sobbing for his mommy.

(I know.  I’ve been there.)

It turns out cycling had nothing on the challenges I was going to meet me in the real world. 

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Could Organifi “Superpowder” Make Me A Superhuman?


As an adult with two jobs, three kids and a new company, I found that the lethargy constantly defeated me.

I’d get home from work, slump on the couch, and begin stuffing my face with comfort foods. (They say high cortisol levels trigger food cravings)

I began recognizing the “downward spiral” in my own life:

Too Tired To Workout = Fat and Sluggish = Too Tired To Workout

There is nothing as frightening as being a struggling dad and business owner and who zones out at supper and falls asleep before his wife comes to bed.

I was beginning to worry that I was going to lose everything important to me.

I just couldn’t keep up with life.

To combat this, I started going on my weekend rides again, but I’d often have to sleep nine or 10 hours the following night.

That’s when I started looking for something that could give me all-day energy.

Granted, I’m a supplement junkie.  I had three months where I was taking 30 pills a morning, and recording how I felt both energy-wise and in measured productivity.

Then, I began cutting the supplements one-by-one until I noticed a change in my behavior or performance.

Finally, I began adding back in the supplements that made a noticeable difference.

My  current vitamin stack is quite simple

  • Krill Oil (Anti-Aging)
  • Flax Seed Oil (Alertness/Mood)
  • L-theanine (Mental Focus)
  • Holy Basil Oil (Mental Focus)
  • B-vitamin (Energy)
  • Organifi (Energy)

Not a scientific method. But it has helped me hone in on some things that are working for me.

The quest, of course, is for an ultimate supplement or supplement combo that I can take quickly and receive significant benefit.

 Fruits And Vegetables Give You Energy

One of the experiments that yielded tremendous results was to eat copious amounts of raw and barely-cooked vegetables. I was consistently eating 6-8 servings of vegetables (including a head of lettuce) a day.

During this time (2 weeks) I had near-unlimited energy and was very productive in both business and life.

As beneficial as the raw food diet is, I struggle to maintain consistency with the constant food prep. It is hard to prep a head of lettuce for eating when you are headed into a 4 hour conference.

Is Organifi Energy In A Bottle?

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That’s when I ran across Organifi®.

It’s a green powder that promises to deliver health benefits like endless energy, mental clarity, and fewer sugar cravings.

After I received several personal recommendations from friends, I figured it was a worth a try.

Now, I have used green drinks in the past, but they were always disgusting, and they never made a difference.

But after hearing glowing reviews from some of my cycling friends, I decided it was worth a try. (yes, we cyclists are pack animals).

I’ve got to say that I have never seen a wheat grass product work this quickly. Not even the ones I used to spend $100 per week on.

My Organifi Test

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Here are some highlights from my supplement journal:

Day 1
Organifi smelled as “green” as some of the ones I’d used in the past. I dumped a spoonful in a cup and ran cold tap water in. Just for good measure, I use the handle of the spoon to stir it up a little bit more and gulped down. It has a distinctly minty taste, with just a little bit of that “green,” wheatgrass flavor you would expect from a superfood powder.

It was missing that distinctly bitter flavor that a lot of dried superfoods that are overpoweringly nasty (like the NOW brand).

It seems like I have more energy throughout the rest of the day, but that could be a placebo effect.

Day 2
I woke up before my alarm.

This hasn’t happened in years. I run so hard that every second of relaxation and sleep is precious, and I normally set 3 alarms because I’m apt to oversleep.

But this morning I was wide awake, feeling good. I grab my gym shorts and put 30 minutes on the fitness bike while skimming through my email. It was an incredible way to start the morning.

This time I took my Organifi® with my breakfast. I normally do two eggs, and a small spinach salad to provide a base of alkaline greens for my day.

After I carried my dishes to the sink, I just mixed up a quick drink and gulped it down right there.

Day 2 ½
I felt more energetic and focused after taking my dose. I only had one cup of coffee, so no jitters, just feeling very clear headed, alert and focused.

After lunch, around 3:00 pm I started dragging, I took a second dose in about 30 minutes later felt a rush of clearheaded focus.

However, this seemed to have a side effect in that it was very difficult for me to go to sleep. I was worried it was an episode of insomnia, until I remembered the second dose. It was like I was jacked up on caffeine, and I could not get my mind to slow down.

Day 3
I took another dose after breakfast. Same thing as before, an incredible clearheadedness and focus. I forgot to drink coffee until around noon.

About 2:00 that afternoon, the wife commented that I had seemed a lot more focused, happier and productive the last few days.

I skipped the afternoon dose, and instead took a break from the desk and hit the gym. The gym seems to reinvigorate me sufficiently, to finish out the workday at full speed (benefits of being self-employed – you set your hours.)

Tonight the bowl of chips and salsa was still half-full when we finished our movie. It may be subconscious, but I seem to be craving junk food and snacks a lot less.

Day 4
I had lost 2 pounds by day 4 and I’ve worked out every day since I started Organifi®. What’s weird about it, is that I just seem to have enough “excess” energy that I’m not dragging myself to do tasks that I’ve been putting off. Going over my daily work log, I’ve accomplished about 50% more in the past three days.

I also hung that shelf in the laundry room my wife had been nagging me about for about

Plus, I keep waking up before my alarm.

Month 2
We moved, and it disrupted my schedule, so I wasn’t a staying on my daily dose as diligently as I had been during the first month.

It’s suppose to be a 30-day supply, and I probably finished it in about 42-45 days.

However, when I do take it, the wife notices. In fact, if I’m dragging, she reminds me to take it. I also find that sometimes I crave Organifi more than I crave coffee. Which is weird.

One of my favorite benefits — in addition to the increased energy — is the fact that I don’t have to sleep as much. It seems to shave a solid 30 minutes off my nightly rest, and in month one it had built up in my system, and I was sleeping almost a whole hour less every night.

  • Minty flavor is easy to drink
  • Adds noticeable energy and focus without a caffeine buzz
  • Mixes better than most
  • Adds to vanilla protein shake for a mid-day boost
  • Not a perfect mix. I have to add water and stir to get the last bit down.
  • Expensive


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Hear From Drew Canole (Creator)

Organifi Green Juice Ingredients

There are many claims.

I’ve gone through the list of ingredients and tried to link them to relevant studies. You have to remember that with these green drinks, the more variety of ingredients that they add, the fewer nutritional content of each thing you will ingest (unless you take several tablespoonfuls a day.)

I think Organifi strikes an excellent balance between a broad number of ingredients while still having enough of each individual one, allowing it to be a complete superfood that can boost your immune systems against the stresses of everyday life.

This drink powder contains all-organic ingredients, which is important since many herbs absorb high levels of arsenic and lead when they are raised in pesticide-laden soil.

You quickly see that the Organifi drink mix is targeted with multiple health benefits in mind, including blood sugar stabilization, improved circulation and improved energy.

    Source: Organifishop.com. (Click To Enlarge)

    Chlorella – A favorite of natural food junkies, this supplement recently underwent a study where patients with Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitis, and Hypertension, ingested this algae-based supplement. The conclusion was that there was enough measurable benefit to recommend future studies. Anecdotal stories abound on the benefits of this supplement, and it is commonly left out of inferior green powder products.

  • Moringa – This is a unique leaf that has demonstrated a potential benefit of lowering blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels. In our sugar-ridden American diet, controlling our blood sugars can lead to benefits such as the reduction of PCOS symptoms in women.
  • Spirulina – This cyanobacterium is commonly found in high-end green powder supplements. It has been correlated with a wide range of benefits from lowered cholesterol to immune system modulation to a reduction of chronic arsenic poisoning. This and Chlorella is touted to help cleanse the system and reduce acne, but the high iodine content in these products may make acne problems worse (initially) if they are correlated with thyroid imbalances. Additionally, some people experience higher acne output for the first few weeks while the iodine binds to toxins and removes them from their body and then will clear up several weeks later as the toxins reach lower levels.
  • Mint – Commonly associated with digestive support, I believe they just added it to help improve the taste, but there are studies which correlate mint with better gut comfort.
  • Beets – Beet juice is a “secret ingredient” (Nitric Oxide) used by top cyclists and runners to boost their energy and circulation. While studies seem to back this, beets are disgusting and hard to eat. Now you get the benefit of better circulation and cardiovascular performance without the gag factor.
  • Matcha Green Tea – is chock-full of EGCG, which is touted as both an antioxidant and weight-loss supplement. I also love the fact that Matcha has L-theanine which helps improve focus, promote calmness and is, incidentally, my unique weapon for curing hangover headaches.
  • Wheatgrass – Many of my friends have started growing wheatgrass in trays to supply their daily macro greens. (Talk about an expensive hobby!) It’s an amazing grass, and they swear they feel healthier when on it. In a study out of India, USDA organic wheat grass powder has been demonstrated to support normal Hemoglobin levels in children suffering from Thalassemia (genetic order requiring blood transfusions.) Many people take chlorophyll supplements, and wheatgrass can help fulfill this blood supporting role.
  • Ashwagandha –  Adaptogens are herbs that designed to help the body respond to stress. I’ve tried a few Adaptogens such as Ginger and Rhodiola. Ashwagandha is the one that makes a noticeable difference for me. At least one study supports this idea, so maybe it’s not all in my head.
  • Turmeric – Curcumin – the active ingredient — has several preliminary studies that point to possible anti-inflammatory benefits for preventing health conditions from arthritis to Alzheimer’s to cancer. It is difficult for the body to process this supplement, which is one reason I like to take it first thing in the morning before I have a lot of other food in my body.
  • Lemon – This one is a favorite of those who believe in the “alkalization” of the body to help reduce the impact of sugars in the diet. Be that as it may, there is one study that correlated daily lemon water and walking with a potential to reduce blood pressure.
  • Coconut Water – There is a lot of hype that Coconut Water can act like Gatorade to help establish an electrolyte balance in the body. However, this is the one supplement without studies to back it up. The sales pitch goes that it can help the body process the rest of the fresh ingredients while providing naturally-occuring vitamins and minerals. Whatever. There isn’t anything out there that says coconut water is dangerous.


The Powdered Green Juice Trend (Craze?)

We American’s have a significant hang-up when it comes to health.

We want a “silver bullet.”

It comes from being treated by big pharma for so long. We think we can eat however and then pop a pill to make everything better.

It’s going to take more than a powdered drink of dried superfoods to fix out problems.

The answer to peak health is to dig deep and fix the body from the core with nutritionally rich foods and nutrients.

Superfoods can be part of that.

However, I’m seeing a massive influx of green drinks flooding the market. Living Green Supreme Food, Total Living Drink Greens, and Patriot Power Greens are three of the more well-known brands that I have tried.

In an attempt to save money, I’ve started trying the cheaper ones. I recently finished off a can of NOW green drink. It tasted ok (not as good as Organifi), but didn’t mix well and didn’t make a noticeable impact on my performance.

And then I tried a Garden Of Life brand that had a lot of probiotics. That one was so disgusting that I could barely choke it down, even when mixed with orange juice. It comes highly recommended but didn’t seem to make a difference for me in my performance or mental clarity.

The dirty industry secret is that many of these brands are getting their green powder all from the same supplier and having it shipped out under different labels.

Recently, while at a fitness conference in Vegas, I spoke with one of the suppliers that Organifi worked with. (I was exploring having one of these Greens blending companies create a custom blend for Dave’s Bike Blog).

It was immediately clear from our conversation that Drew Canole wanted to create something more nutritionally complete than your run-of-the-mill powder. It costs more to make a super food that is organic vegan and designed specifically to attract repeat customers.

Sure, Organifi is a business, but they aren’t just trying to pad the bottom-line. 

Organifi isn’t a silver bullet.

But it was so effective in changing how I felt that it almost made me believe “silver bullets” again.

In my opinion, it is the closest thing — next to holy basil — when it comes to “legal crack” for improving my performance.

No Juicer, No Problem

The benefits of Juicing is well-known. And I would get into it if it wasn’t for the horrendous prep time.

While I won’t say that it is on-par with Juicing, I’ve been very, very impressed with the benefits Organifi® green juice superfood supplement has had in my life.

It only takes me 30 seconds to do a morning dose of greens super food. And then I’m off and chasing my day.

And then I’m off and chasing my day.
Plus I have the energy to come home and play with my kid and hit the gym. I sleep less and get more done.

It’s a lot of benefit for minimal cost and effort.

Frankly, I’m a super-human right now, and my friends and family are noticing. Heck, I had so much free time that I just started a brand new business and scaled it to 5 figures a month in 90 days.

So you might say that this product is making me money (FTC disclaimer: results not typical, lol).

I Wish I Had Organifi Superfood Powder When I Was Cycling

Back when I was racing, I tried so many supplements but still often had to sleep 9 to 10 hours every night in addition to training and working.

I’m 30 now, so my very best days – and any hope of going pro – are behind me. But with the progress my body is making, I find myself wishing I could go back and give racing a second try.

I’m convinced that Organifi would’ve revolutionized my cycling career.

It’s certainly revolutionizing my life now as a dad, business owner, and weekend athlete. 

Whether you are a pro cyclist or simply an overweight dad like me who wishes he had more energy, I wholeheartedly endorse this stuff. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to that “limitless” pill.

Plus, with their money-back guarantee, it makes it a no-brainer.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, which helps underscore the quality of this company. Call their customer service line at  760-487-8587 (7a to 7p Pacific Time) if unsatisfied, and they’ll have you send the canister back for a refund.

I’ve spent more on other green powders (and protein powders) that didn’t offer that guarantee.

Click Here For Organifi


Can you take Organifi while pregnant? In most cases, superfood powder supplements should be fine for pregnant women to take but this does not  have the specific vitamins and minerals to fulfill the requirements of a prenatal. You must speak with your doctor before taking Organifi while pregnant to ensure the safety of you and your child. I’m not qualified to advise on that.

Is It Gluten Free? This formula is gluten-free. Many of these formulations use Barley and wheat grass, which, when harvested with their seeds, introduce gluten into the formula. This is formula is harvested before the grass goes to seed, providing you with a gluten-free source of alkaline greens.

Is It Raw Vegan? This is considered a Raw Vegan product. It is dried but is not cooked, allowing it to be in the category of raw. It also does not contain any animal products. I do not practice a vegan diet, but when I am eating my eight servings of vegetables a day, adding Organifi to my routine feels like a jet kicking on its afterburners.

Does It Contain Caffeine? It does not contain a measurable amount of caffeine, but Organifi contains matcha green tea. I have experienced difficulty sleeping after taking it in the early afternoon. I don’t know if that comes from the green tea or the Ashwaganda. I’ll drink coffee in the afternoon (until about 3pm), but I make sure to take my Organifi no later than noon to avoid insomnia-type side effects.

Is Organifi Effective For Weight Loss? One of the big sales pitches is that it helps weight loss. I experienced fewer cravings while on it and more energy to work out. With my mental clarity, I was also focused on my work, and had less of a “Wandering mind” that wanted midday snacks. I am not finding many people who take this product as a stand-alone product for the weight loss. It is normally used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and makes achieving those goals more accessible.

Does Organifi Contain Carcinogens? California has passed the Prop. 65 which requires that consumers are alerted of harmful chemicals, even if they are in the “No Significant Risk Level.” This is the level where only one person out of 100,000 would contract cancer if they were exposed to the chemical daily for 70 years. Many common products like Cocoa has this warning. You can learn more about Prop 65, here.

Does Organifi Help Cancer? Organifi is not meant to disease or health conditions. Studies have connected high vegetable intake with health benefits such as reduced cancer risks, and cancer patients have used this product and left positive testimonialsline on. However, it is recommended that you work with your oncologist to approve the supplements you take in conjunction with your therapy.

Does It Contain Heavy Metals?A common problem with herbal products is that they leach heavy metals from the soil. Organifi is held to the highest testing standards, and the levels of heavy metals are kept in line with California’s Prop 65 standards – the strictest in the country. Additionally, it is thought that Spirulina and Chlorella may help the body purge heavy metals and toxins from its system.

Can I Take This If I Am Taking Metformin? It is always good to run the product label by your doctor. Moringa oleifera has enough studies supporting its blood sugar control features, and you don’t want to end up in a situation where they are contra-indicated

Intermittent Fasting With Organifi? Intermittent fasting is gaining in popularity. Since this is only 25 calories, you can take it in the morning without breaking the “30 Kcal rule” that is universally held as the threshold to stay under your fast. Some people also use it for the juice fast. This is an “off-label” use, as it is not designed to be a meal replacement.

Organifi’s Marketing Claims

Drew Canole, also runs FitLife.Tv and promotes his green drinks through his channel.

One of my competing Organifi review sites likes to call out the company for false advertising by pointing out that they claim to have been on shows such as Dr. Oz and in the Reader’s Digest.

(Screenshot of fitlife.tv banner was taken on 10/9/2017)

It didn’t take me long to find where Drew Canole has had articles (or snippets inside articles) published in Reader’s Digest. I did not find him or the product mentioned on DoctorOz.com. (They also seem to have pulled down that claim from their site.

There used to be a “tactic” where companies would purchase advertising on a large site so that they could “as seen on” to their claim. (Products still do that with the “as seen on TV” claim.)

In 2017, it appears that Drew is steering the company to the “high road” and leaving some of the crazier claims behind.

Organifi Pricing & Ordering

MAP pricing is enforced, and since it is not an MLM, the market is not flooded with product from disgruntled “business owners” as you see with the products that are designed for get-rich-quick schemes.

You can, however, get a discount by purchasing in bulk.

Your purchasing options are (Prices Checked on 10/06/2018. See Seller’s Site For Current Pricing):

  • One Bottle: $57.95 + Shipping (recurring Subscription order)
  • One Bottle: $69.95 + Shipping (non-subscription)
  • Three Bottles: $151.62 + Shipping
  • Six Bottles: $254.99 + Shipping

One bottle should easily provide a 30-day supply.

Like I’ve already covered, this costs more than many of the competition. But I haven’t found a formula like this that lets me buy “time in a bottle” – energy and stamina to get more out of every day.


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