With all this time we’ve all had to spend inside, we know you’re itching to find some great destinations to bike as soon as it’s safe.

From long trails to the most scenic routes, the best places to bike might be closer than you think.

Remember to bring your GoPro along with you as you bike to capture the beauty of these amazing biking and vacation spots.

1. Crested Butte, Colorado

Our first on this list of great destinations to bike is Crested Butte, Colorado.

Yes, it’s okay to laugh at the name.

Mountain biking was born in this area, and with such history comes miles upon miles of trails.

Some of the most beautiful trails to see include Trail 401, which can be a pretty advanced path.

This trail allows you to get above the tree line, and from there you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley. And let’s not forget the wildflowers you’ll see!

Lupine is another trail with beautiful wildflowers that can be seen throughout the valley view. Lupine’s location gives it the title of having one of the longest riding seasons in Crested Butte.

But biking isn’t the end of outdoor activities in this part of Colorado. There are scenic river tours, horseback riding, paddleboarding, and golfing.

And after a long, thrilling day of biking and exploring the area, you can take to the streets to discover local shops.

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2. Moab, Utah

One of the oldest mountain bike destinations, Moab, Utah is a must-see.

There are classic trails that have been ridden for over 30 years, and newer trails that offer beautiful dessert views.

From guided tours to solo bike trails, you can explore trails like Dead Horse Point, Navajo Rocks, and Klondike Bluffs Trails.

The rocky desert is complimented by stunning sapphire skies, with distant mountain views. With warm sun and fresh air, once you take to the first trail, you won’t ever want to leave.

In Moab, there are national parks, off-roading tours, and rafting for when biking just isn’t enough of a thrill.

And when you’re done, there are plenty of places where other outdoor enthusiasts gather. You can shop, grab a bite to eat, and meet like-minded people on your getaway between adventures!

3. Park City, Utah

Another spot to stop at in Utah is Park City, where you can bike through valleys and canyons.

Park City offers trails upon trails and is actually ranked as a Gold-Level Ride Center.

One of the best trails to take to is the Mid Mountain Trail, which stands at 8,000 feet in elevation.

Stretching from Deer Valley Resort to Park City’s Summit Park neighborhood, it’s surrounded by pine trees and aspen groves that are sure to stun.

Another trail to check out is Lost Prospector, which offers an amazing view of the town and the surrounding resorts.

If you want to see Park City from a bird’s eye view, this is the perfect trail for you!

4. Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada

Anyone who has ever seen Lake Tahoe will agree that it deserves its place on our list of great destinations to bike.

One of the clearest lakes in the world, the region that surrounds it includes several towns to visit.

South Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular spots to bike. And as the trails are developed, the better the area gets. It’s seriously a world-class riding spot.

Another reason to put this place on your map of biking vacations is that the surrounding bike shops and restaurants are the icing on the cake.

Some of the best are Flume Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

5. Sedona, Arizona

Arizona’s warm air and rocky terrain make for some great trails. While there aren’t a ton of trails to choose from, what this area has to offer is truly worth the visit.

From beautiful red to stunning greens, the colors of Arizona can be observed here from the seat of your bike.

Sedona is one of the most photographable spots in the country, so if you plan on biking through the area, we suggest mounting a camera to your helmet to capture the beauty of it all.

And once you’re finished biking around the area, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and even spas to visit.

All in all, it’s an amazing place to get in some time outdoors. Whether it’s biking, golfing, or fishing, you’re sure to have a blast in this vacation spot.

6. Brevard, North Carolina

North Carolina has mountains that seem to touch the sky and forests that are thick and mysterious. Because nature has its freedom here, the trails to bike are as wild and breathtaking as you can imagine.

Brevard, North Carolina has hundreds of miles of trails just waiting to be explored.

One trail you absolutely must ride through is Rosman Loop. It’s a relatively easy route, starting off flat before going into rolling hills.

Or, if you’re easily in love with the views state parks have to offer, you can check out Caesar’s Head, which runs through Caesar’s Head State Park in South Carolina.

And this area also has 250 waterfalls to see along with plenty of places to walk and hike.

7. Wydaho, Wyoming, and Idaho

If you find yourself in the area, you have to visit the Wydaho region in Jackson, Wyoming and Victor (and Driggs), Idaho.

Along with having amazing biking trails, this area is also known for having some of the best areas for downhill skiing in the country.

Some of the absolute best trails to ride there include Mill Creek, Teton Pass Downhill, and Grand Targhee Resort.

And because this destination spans over such a large area, there’s plenty to do outside of biking. Whether you want to be outdoors, shopping or dining, this is a prime vacation spot.

8. Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley in Idaho is one of the most gorgeous biking spots in the country.

With more than 700 miles to bike, you’re sure to have more than enough to do during your visit.

This is a great place for mountain biking in particular, with plenty of trails to explore. A few worth mentioning are Adam’s Gulch Loop, and Fox Creek to Chocolate Gulch.

Adam’s Gulch is a real winner if you’re looking for a great view and want to bring your canine companion along with you. Dogs are allowed, and the trails are well marked for easy navigation.

Chocolate Gulch is another great trail to see. Dogs are welcome, and this 5.3-mile loop has tons of wildlife to see while you’re there.

And if you’re looking for more to do, there’s also swimming, skiing, and fly fishing. What to do can depend on the season, but one thing that remains the same year-round is the stellar dining options.

9. Bend, Oregon
The Bend River in Bend, Oregon, another of our great destinations to bike

Oregon is known for its tall redwoods and enchanting forests. So it’s no surprise that Oregon is one of the best places to bike.

More specifically, Bend, Oregon. Bend has hundreds of miles of trails to bike, all of which are highly accessible. It doesn’t get much better than arriving in town and immediately getting on a trail.

There’s the Central Oregon Canal Trail, Dry Canyon Trail, and Big Sky Park Trail, which are all well worth checking out at least once.

Keep in mind that trails in Bend can kick up “moon dust” — just something to keep in mind if you have underlying respiratory conditions.

And finally, after you’re done riding for the day, you can stop at one of the 20-some micro-breweries scattered about town.

10. Grand Valley, Colorado
Grand Valley, Colorado, which is one of the great destinatins to bike in America

Another area from Colorado is Grand Valley, an area that is well-known for its top-notch trails in Loma and Grand Junction.

Even today as you read, more trails are being built. Because the area’s constantly being expanded, you can visit again and again without running out of things to do and trails to trek.

From biking routes to skiing to local breweries, Grand Valley is an amazing place for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you do happen to find yourself in Grand Valley, you have to take out the time to ride Kokopelli-Area Trails and 18 Road Trails.

All in all, it truly is one of the best on our list of great destinations to bike.

11. Teton Village
The mountains and plains of the Grand Tetons

Another hidden gem in Wyoming is Teton Village to Jackson Hole.

This path leads you down a 12.3-mile trail, taking you from Teton Village all the way to Jackson Hole, where you can find even more places to bike once you get there.

With over 56 miles of paved pathways and more than 115 miles of mountain bike trails, you’ll have more to bike here than you’ll know what to do with.

The views and fresh air make visiting Jackson Hole more than worth it.

But when paired with their local dining options and free outdoor concerts, this place is more than a paradise for those who love to get outside.

12. Robinson Canyon, Carmel Valley, California

A hiking trail in Carmel Valley, California

Another hidden gem is Carmel Valley, California.

Here you’ll see sweeping vistas, giant redwoods, microclimates, and peaceful country roads as you bike.

The trip from Robinson Canyon to Carmel Valley is just under 60 miles, so be sure to bring plenty of water! Once you get to your destination, you can look forward to more time outdoors.

There are plenty of other trails in Carmel Valley, and once you come back from a long day of cycling, you can look forward to a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants.

13. Lexington Backroads, Kentucky
A church and horses in a field in Lexington, Kentucky

The next spot on our list of great destinations to bike is a little more low-key. The backroads that surround Lexington in Kentucky are a beautiful location to check out at least once.

You can find lots of places to bike here, including a 65-mile loop that surrounds pristine, quiet backroads.

There are craft distilleries and horse farms around this area too.

You can watch the horses as you ride by before stopping for a drink at one of the distilleries.

If you do happen to find yourself on these backroads, be sure to bring a camera with you, and take your time to really take in the sights and the fresh air.

14. River Road, Edgewater, New Jersey
Edgewater, New Jersey, yet another of our great destinations to bike

New Jersey isn’t just for cryptid hunters anymore!

Edgewater, New Jersey has a wonderful route where you can ride by waterfalls, the Hudson River, and is less than a mile from Manhattan.

River Road is a popular path with the locals on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. To anyone who isn’t familiar with the area, it’s somewhat of a secret spot!

But there’s more than one route to take, of course.

There’s Edgar Felix Memorial Bikeway, East River Greenway, and Briarcliff-Peekskill Trailway.

And if you still haven’t had enough of the view of the water, you can settle down for a nice evening at one of Edgewater’s many waterfront restaurants.

15. Palisade, Colorado

Let’s bring it back to Colorado for our final fantastic destination on our list of great destinations to bike!

It’s no secret that Colorado is full of beautiful landscapes, huge, proud mountains, and tons of biking trails. But did you know there’s a hidden wine county?

While yes, cycling is a great sport on its own, could you imagine finishing up a 25-mile trail with a glass of wine? Or maybe riding past one of the many peach groves?

There are more scenic orchards and fragrant lavender fields along the way, making the entire journey all the more amazing.

And when you’re finished biking for the day, you can stop at one of the local vineyards for a drink while you unwind in the breeze.

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On the Trail We Blaze

Now that you know about some great destinations to bike, all there is left to do is decide which one you’ll visit first.

From rolling hills to wildflowers that bloom for miles, we hope the path you take is one you won’t forget, and you have the time of your life biking in the fresh air.

Which trails are you biking first?

Do you have any places you’d like to suggest biking?

Let us know in the comments below! We always look forward to hearing from you.

Mady Oswald is a writer in both realism and fiction, with a love for baking and animals.

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