The origin of this event may not be as old as you think.

May is known as National Bike Month. It is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. The first National Bike Month was in 1956. The goal of Bike Month is to display all of the incredible incentives of bicycling.

The Bike League wants people to appreciate bikes during this time. This month also serves as a reminder for many people to get back out there and ride.


The entire month of May is considered National Bike Month.

Throughout May, communities nationwide host bike related events.

In 2017, the Bike to Work Week will be on May 15-19.

Bike to Work Day will be on May 19.

How To Participate?

Start riding! Get your routine down before May to make a smooth transition into the new way of commuting.

Once May starts, look for bike events in your area (or plan an event yourself!). From group rides to local meetups, there are so many bike related events that can be hosted. The remarkable thing about cycling events is that they require little to no cost to host! The focal point of these events are the bikes themselves and riding them!

How To Involve Your Workplace?

The workplace is a great place to get others involved.

Before May rolls around, find other co-workers that ride or are interested in riding. Coordinate with them to plan an event around commuting to work by bike.

This is a fun and tangible model that represents just one benefit of biking. Create a poster that represents gasoline saved by riding bikes to work. Have your coworkers compile the miles to and from work. Every day the number that represents total gallons of gas saved by your workplace increases.

Make a simple flyer showcasing the benefits of cycling. Good for your health saves money on gas and car, saves the environment because there is no gas being burned, or even less stressful commute because of less traffic.

Once you explain the benefits and show how happy you are, it will be hard for coworkers to say no.

5 Things To Make Your Biking Commute Easier:

Pant Straps

Is the only thing holding you back from commuting by bike your fancy work pants? Afraid of dress pants getting torn or greasy? There are some very comfortable pant leg protectors available. They have a snug fit around your pant leg, protecting your dress pants from grease and the chain.

Bike Bag

Everyone can benefit from having more storage. Backpacks can only hold so many things. A bike bag can help haul extra things to and from work.

A bike bag allows you to stop by the grocery store before heading home after work. It allows you to hit up the gym before or after work. It is easy to just throw your gym clothes in the bike bag before heading out the door.


If you don’t already have a lock for your bicycle, please get one before Bike Week. Whether your bike is old or if you have a new shiny bike. Bike theft is such a common problem, especially in the major cities.

Having an adequate lock is of utmost importance. Do some research online to find the best lock. Talk to a local shop owner about the best lock for your area. You won’t regret it.

Flashing Light

If you commute, before the sun is up, or after the sun has gone down, it’s going to be dark. Darkness and riding bicycles do not mix. Unless you have sufficient lights on your bike, it is dangerous to ride in the dark!

Save yourself the anxiety you feel when a car is approaching you from behind. With enough lights, you will feel confident about drivers seeing you in the dark.

Baby Wipes

Many people are worried about arriving to work stinking of body odor. Do not fear! Just don’t forget to bring a towel along with you. After you have arrived at your destination, pat yourself down with the dry towel. Let it absorb all your sweat, and you’re good to go!

The sweat isn’t what gives people stinky body odor. Bacteria that sits on your sweat for too long is what causes body odor. If you dry off your sweat in a somewhat timely manner, you should be stink free.

If you are still worried about coworkers smelling your body odor, pick up some baby wipes.  Wipe down either before going into work or in the bathroom at work.  This should give you enough reassurance to not worry about your body odor.

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