The bicycle industry has certainly seen a lot of interesting developments in 2017 and 2018, but what cycling enthusiasts expect in the coming years could change the standard for bicycles across the world.

Trends On Two Wheels: Bike Statistics & Trends Every Cyclist Should Know

For those who love to venture in the great outdoors, there’s no better way to travel than by bike. Bicycling allows you to feel the breeze on your face, speed down hills, and explore unpaved terrain without letting out any harmful emissions.

Biking is a great way to get around and has become a major passion for people across the globe. People compete, race, and get fit with their helmet and bike. That’s probably why so many bike statistics have come to light over the past few years. As the passion grows, so does out knowledge.

But the bike statistics from years past only show us where we’ve been. We want to know where the future is headed, which is why learning about the upcoming trends and fads is so important. Take a ride with us through the most important bike statistics and trends every cyclist needs to know.

14 Fast-Paced Bike Statistics and Trends

All the bike statistics will tell you that you’ve got to stay on top of the trends if you want to get ahead. Learning and understanding what people are doing with their bikes is a great way to become a better cyclist yourself. Check out 14 of the most popular bike statistics and trends the current bicycle world has to offer.

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic bikes have been on the up and up for years, and now have a spot as a major trend in the community. For those who don’t know, a hydraulic bike is a chainless bike that transfers power and energy through a liquid. This liquid passes through a series of tubes from a hydraulic pump to a hydraulic pump again and again.

The main advantages of this style of bike are that shifting becomes incredibly simple. More gear options are available and are smoother to transition between. You also get away from the noise of the chains and the potential for complications with said chains.

Wide Tires

Just like on a car, it’s important to keep good tires on your bike. Without those wheels of rubber, you won’t be able to travel anywhere. A recent trend has been to up the width of your tires, providing you with what is commonly known as “fat tires.”

There are a ton of benefits to having larger tires on your bike, regardless of whether you intend to take it off-road or not. A big plus is that it can handle more difficult weather conditions. These tires are less likely to skid or slide while you ride and are often able to provide you with more comfort throughout your journey.

Mainstream Bicyclists

If it’s mainstream, then there’s got to be a bunch of people enjoying it, right? Which is why so many bicyclists these days are starting to ride gravel grinders. Although the name itself may sound a little rough around the edges, these bikes can actually help provide you with a much smoother ride.

Gravel grinders are sort of a hybrid between a cycle-cross bike and a road bike. By taking the best features of both, these bikes are able to travel on mud, gravel, tarmac, and any other rough terrain with ease.

Custom Options

With the continued improvement of technology and accessibility, many major bike companies have begun to offer customization options for cyclists. Rather than settling for whatever is in the shop, you can get all the features you want and more and get a bike perfect for you.

Not only has this allowed new bike variations to emerge from the depths of the internet, but it’s also made bikes more accessible to individuals with special needs. Those who are really tall, really short, need better seat options or handlebar specifications, can create a bike that fits there needs. You can create a speedy, lightweight racing bike, or build a durable beast able to handle anything in its path. The choice is up to you and you alone.

Sock Doping

Why does the customization have to stop with your bike? One of the newest and hottest trends in cycling fashion is a thing called sock doping. This silly craze has cyclists sporting wild socks and shoes with funky patterns and colors. This gives riders a way to personalize their style without compromising their speed or gear.

Wireless Electronic Shifting

Out with the old and in with the new! The traditional shifting system, with its levers and cables, is on the outs and wireless electronic shifting is taking its place. This new system allows riders to shift their gears faster, smoother, and more precisely.

Another great thing is that you can create more custom shifting speeds and have more versatility. The electronic system allows you to have access to more gear levels and speeds, which could potentially create limitless possibilities in your biking experience.

Buying and Assembling

Not only can you take your time looking at all the new models at the bike shop, but now you can get everything you need online! Buying bikes has never been easier with direct-to-consumer sales and mobile mechanic delivery.

If you’re handy, you’re probably also familiar with a bit of assembly. Rather than paying for someone to assemble your bike for you, a lot of people are using online tutorials and tools to help them assemble their bikes at home. This allows for optimum customization and design for all the aspiring young cyclists.

12x Systems

The need for speed is alive and well as many people are hungrily yearning for better gear systems with faster speeds. The 12x gear system is becoming the new standard for many bicyclists and manufacturers. This system allows people to accomplish new things both in competitions and in explorations.

Road Bikes

Even the standard road bike is starting to step up its game. Many road bikes, which are simply bikes designed for on the road travel on sidewalks, pavements, and roads, are starting to include their own suspension systems. This impressive addition will take road bikes to the next level.

The great thing about this is that many road bike users are beginners or casual cyclists. Adding this sort of technology on a simple bike will allow them to become accustomed to more advanced techniques and technology should they choose to enhance their cycling passion.


As much as we all like peddling our way through the mountainside, sometimes it can be exhausting, especially when traveling uphill. If you’re traveling out long distance or simply need a break between blocks, an e-bike is the way to go.

An e-bike allows you to travel both through manual peddling and electronic force. You can easily shift between the two when you want a break or when you want to get back to pumping those pedals. This has become especially popular in mountain bikes, where you may need a bit of extra force and energy to make it through difficult terrain.

Carbon Frames

Carbon frames offer some of the latest and greatest aerodynamic designs out there. Their frames are built strong, able to withstand wear and tear but are also incredibly lightweight. This lightweight design not only allows you to carry and transport your bike everywhere you go but makes it quicker and easier to navigate with.

The downside? Many of these carbon framed bikes cost a lot more than your standard bike. If you have the extra cash and are serious about cycling than you should save up for one of these masterpieces, however, its price tag may not be worth the commitment to all individuals.

Mountain Bikes

Just because it has “mountain” in the name doesn’t mean you have to take it on the mountain! Actually, mountains bikes have recently become the most popular form of bike out on the market, selling $150 million more than road bikes in 2017.

Mountain bikes are versatile and durable, which are great assets for adventurous bikers. People love getting out an explore the natural beauty of the world around them. Mountain bikes allow them to go off-road with ease and without having to worry about their safety and stability. It’s truly no wonder these bikes have outranked the standard road bikes.

Electric Bikes

Zoom zoom! Electric bikes have taken off and are not intending to slow down any time soon. These bikes offer a quick way to get around the town without having to worry about your energy level.

Electric bikes can run solely on electricity, making them similar to an automobile. However, they have all the beauty and excitement of a standard bike wrapped around its electric motor. The sales for these bikes have grown significantly, selling 91% more in 2017 than in the previous year. While they may not be for everyone and are definitely not allowed in standard competitions, they are a great way to get some fresh air while exploring the city.

BMX Bikes

In terms of bike statistics, the BMX bikes are topping the charts. Sales have recently grown by as much as 27% for BMX bikes. Their popularity has increased the sales and designs of BMX bikes on the market, creating newer and more intricate BMX bikes for all to enjoy.

The greatest part? Because these bikes have become more popular, many more people are getting involved in actual competitive BMX sports. People are aware of the time and dedication people put into this sport and want to take part in it.

6 Future Bike Statistics and Trends

Now it’s time to get ahead! Jump aboard these future bike statistics and trends if you want to stay ahead of the pack. These trends are just starting to gain speed and, within the next few years, will become the main focus of cyclists everywhere.

Smart Bike

You’ve heard of a smartphone, but what about a smart bike? Think about it for a moment: your bike being able to not only transport you to where you want to go but give you directions on how to get there.

The potential for smart bike technology has been rapidly increasing over the years. Things like real-time GPS with LCD displays, keypad communication, integrated lighting, and even a shaft-drive transmission could become standard in our modern bikes. Combined with the luxurious comfort and style of high-end bike frames and seats, you could basically take your modern life with you everywhere you go, even while you’re on the go.

Graphene Frames

Let’s make our bikes as high tech as we can! The way a lot of people are starting to incorporate technology into their bikes is through graphene frames. These bike frames allow built-in features to sit securely and safely, like thermometers and strain gauges.


Maintaining your bike can be one of the most annoying parts of bicycling. However, permanent non-stick finishes can help create a bike that doesn’t need to be cleaned. The bike could become self-sufficient and clean on its own.


As wireless gear shifting continues to rise in popularity, it will only be a matter of time before other wireless components come to life. This can include things like droppers, suspension, and brakes being capable of being controlled remotely. How high tech!


Many people are looking to switch their damping methods to include a magnetorheological fluid. This fluid can help change viscosity quite quickly, allowing for a radical adjustment to your suspension system.

Ceramic Bicycles

The neat thing about the ceramic design is that it doesn’t require any chains to operate. Its design completely eliminates the need for a chain and instead keeps your bike in better shape for a longer period of time. Plus, it’s highly efficient and easy to maintain.

Bike Statistics and Trends Worth Waiting For

Although some of these bike statistics and trends have not yet found their way into mainstream cycling, they are certainly on the up and up. Their ideas will help to reinvent the future of bicycling and ensure a continued love for bikes as a whole.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get cycling!

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