If you like the exercise from biking, but do not want to risk the danger that comes from biking outdoors, then a home spin bike is the perfect new piece of equipment for you. On this list, we organize the eight best spin bikes for home use available right now. Let find out which one fits your needs best.

Comparison Table

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Do you crave the perfect piece of exercise equipment you can use to start of your home gym? Well, look no further than the spin bike. While gyms offer a more diverse selection of exercise equipment, they can often go unused at the end of a long day. When we are tired, the last thing we want to do is work out — let alone travel to the gym to do it — as such, owning a piece of workout equipment can remove one of the obstacles separating you from your daily workout.

But where do you begin to look for a spin bike? Since there are a lot of brands out there, it can be hard to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad. Luckily in this list, we rate the eight best spin bikes for home use. Come check them out!

How We Rate the Spin Bikes on this List

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We rate the spin bikes on this list by looking at three distinct areas. Specifically, we look at the usability, durability and overall price. For each field that we look at, we ask questions that help us figure out some of the pros and cons associated with the product. Once we ranked the products, we then assign them a score out of five stars. By doing these rating criteria, we hope to find the best spin bikes for home use. Here are some of the questions we ask for each spin bike:

  • Usability — Does the spin bike work well? Is it comfortable? What features come with it, and do they all function properly?
  • Durability — Is the spin bike hard to assemble? Do any pieces break quicker than other? How long will the spin bike likely last?
  • Overall price — How much does the spin bike cost? How does this cost compare with the other products on the list? Is the spin bike offered good value?

Eight Best Spin Bikes You Can Use at Home

Here are the eight best spin bikes for home use, ranked from best to worst. While some of the products are better than others regarding materials or features, we believe they are all pretty good spin bikes. Some are just better deal than others.

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The Ancheer indoor cycling bike rates at the top of our list because it combines the best attributes of a spin bike with an affordable price. The forty-pound wheel allows for a much smoother ride — as well as more resistance during the workout. The padded leather seat adjusts comfortably for most individuals under two hundred and fifty pounds. You can control the level of pushback with the resistance control system — which allows you to simulate the conditions of hills. One model costs two hundred and forty dollars, and it is easy to assemble.

The bike also comes with an elbow tray you can rest on while cycling and a heart rate monitor for checking your pulse. However, the bike is not for everyone. Tall individuals over six feet reported that the bike was much too small and that they had to hunch over the elbow pads. Other people said that the strap on the pedals was too flimsy and would break off. While the product is not perfect, we believe the Ancheer indoor cycling bike offers excellent value for the price offered.

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The L Now indoor cycling bike uses a twenty-two-pound flywheel and a smooth belt mechanism for a workout that is just as challenging as it is quiet. The heavy-duty steel frame of the cycling belt allows it to hold a little more weight than the Ancheer cycling bike — around thirty pounds to be exact. The product costs three hundred and forty dollars — which makes it a little more expensive than the previous bike. However, the price does come with some benefits.

The spin bike comes with the most standard features: smartphone and water bottle holder, LCD monitor that tracks your pulse, calories burned, speed, distance, time and odometer. The seat on the L Now is what wins out over the Ancheer. The leather material makes long marathon workouts much more bearable. Assembly is also easy — you can usually get the thing up and running within twenty minutes. Unfortunately, the L Now is another spin bike that does not accommodate unusually large or small individuals.

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If you are a larger individual, then the EFITMENT spin bike might be right for you. This product can hold a lot more weight than the previous two-three hundred and thirty pounds all together. When combined with the forty-pound flywheel, you get a workout where you feel the burn. The EFITMENT spin bike also uses magnets in its belt mechanism for a more nuanced resistance system. However, this advanced system comes at a higher cost. An LCD screen monitors the traditional readings.

One bike costs around four hundred and thirty dollars. However, the bike does come with some flaws you should be aware of before buying. Many users noted that the heart rate sensor was not accurate — so if keeping an accurate log of your blood pressure is essential, then this bike might not be for you. Customers also complained that the brake system takes a long time to engage before stopping the wheel — usually around three to five seconds. Overall, the product remains a pretty reliable find, but it does currently cost a lot.

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If you have a bad back or know that you will be spending upwards of forty-five minutes per day on the machine, then the ergonomic design of the Goplus indoor cycling bike will work best for you. The company designed the bike for extended use so that you can stay comfortable during those intense marathon sessions. As usual, the spin bike comes with an LCD monitor that shows your speed, distance, heart rate, and other readings.

The model also offers a good deal of stability. Considering the incredibly comfortable seats, you would think that this bike would be one of the more expensive models on the list. But, it is one of the cheapest — only two hundred and forty-five dollars. However it also one of the nosiest. The belt-like system makes a loud sound that you will probably need headphones for properly blocking out. The metal petals also make it impossible to ride with socks on  — which might be inconvenient for some people.

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The YOSUDA stationary bike offers another affordable option that performs just as well, if not better, than a lot of the upper tier models. One model costs two hundred and fifty dollars. The spin bike contains a thirty-five-pound flywheel which attaches to a quiet belt drive system. Taller individuals will appreciate the multiple seat settings that can fit individuals six feet and taller. Unfortunately, the handlebars only feature two positions you can lay in, which might not be enough for some individuals.

In addition to the LCD system, the bike also comes with an iPad holder for your Apple device, or whatever product you listen or watch while you exercise. However, if you plan on using the machine a lot (more than two or three times a week), then you might be disappointed by how long it last. Many customers reported that their machines gave out after six months. While these instances might be related to user error, a more likely explanation is the company sacrificed quality to get the low price. But, if you do not mind, then the YOSUDA spin bike is a good deal.

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With a forty-four pound flywheel, the Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro Magnetic spin bike is not for the faint of heart. Even at a low resistance level, you will still feel the burn. As its size might suggest, the product is well suited for larger individuals as long as they do not weigh more than three hundred and thirty pounds. But this accessibility does not come cheap.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the more expensive models on this list — costing seven hundred dollars. For this steep price, you would think that the company’s quality control would be outstanding, but many users reported odd clicking sounds in their Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro Magnetic spin bikes. Others said that the hardware needed for assembly arrived damaged. When you consider the steep price, the company should make sure that the product they sell comes appropriately made.

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Interesting name aside, the Pooboo Pro is another high-end cycling bike that looks like something right out of TRON. The company claims that the belt drive is one of the quietest in the industry. One unit costs five hundred dollars. The ergonomic seat allows for extended periods of sitting without feeling sore. The heavy-duty steel frame can hold up to three hundred and thirty pounds and exudes an ultra sleek design.

Unfortunately, looks can be a bit deceiving. Though the modern, sleek design of the product does make it look expensive, it does not introduce any new features that justify its price. Many cheaper models have heavier flywheel than this one’s thirty-one pounds. However, we do not mean to say that the product does not work. The bike is excellent, and it is very well that the improvement in quality might result in a few months of a longer life. But, that is honestly the only new thing the Pooboo has to offer.

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The HARISON Pro indoor cycling bike offers a twenty-nine pounds flywheel with an LCD screen and an iPad holder. The unit costs three hundred and seventy dollars. Many users reported that installing the machine was incredibly simple. Unfortunately, the plastic discs that line the wheels seem to get hot after extended use.

After a while, the heat damages the plastic which can eventually cause the product to be unrideable. People also reported that the handlebars feel loose after a while and you cannot tighten it — even with tools. In addition to this, the HARISON company is now out of business, so their one year warranty is irrelevant. As such, we recommend going with a bike that does not feature this lousy design.

How to Use Your New Spin Bike

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Now that you found the perfect spin bike for your needs, it is time for you to get started using it. However, there are some necessary pre-workout steps you can take that will both improve the quality of your workout and prevent possible injury from the spin bike.

Step One: Adjust the Seat

Step Two: Adjust the Handlebars

Step Three: Adjust the Pedal Straps

Step Four: Warm Up Before Getting on the Bike

Step Five: Adjust the Resistance on the Spin Bike

Step Six: Plan Your Workout

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