A hybrid bike is a cycle that combines features from road, touring and mountain bikes. It’s a sort of a Frankenstein bike, designed to be ridden in a wide variety of terrains and conditions.

Hybrids use the upright seating posture and most often, the flat, straight handlebars found on mountain bikes. They combine the thinner, smooth tires and lighter weight of road bikes. They also have places to attach bags and racks to carry your personal belongings commonly found on touring bikes.

Also, on many models, the top bar is sloped back and down so that you can get on and off with ease no matter what you are wearing. This type of bike may also come with a chain guard which keeps your clothes from getting tangled. The bells-and-whistle models typically have lights for those early or late commutes.

These elements make a bike that is comfortable to ride and one that can maintain higher speeds on roads with less effort. Plus, you can take your stuff with you.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings 

one of the best hybrid bikes for men under 500 dollars

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Choosing a bicycle is a very personal experience. What may be perfect for one rider, could be entirely inappropriate for another. In compiling this list, we factored in price, gears, suspension, handlebars, seat, brakes, and recommended riding terrain, along with overall customer satisfaction  For that reason, we’ve included a 5-star average customer rating scale to help you make your decision as you look over our picks for the top 20 best hybrid bikes for men under $500.

Top 20 Best Hybrid Bikes for Men Under $500

Hybrid bikes can be expensive. Many bicycle retailers offer customization options which increase the price even more. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, take a look at some of the less costly alternatives to help you get the most bang out of your buck.

Here are our picks for the best hybrid bikes for men under $500.

Kent Bayside Cruiser

[amazon box=”B07H77DRPC”]

The upright handlebars and padded spring seat make the Kent Bayside Cruiser an extremely comfortable ride. It is one of the few cruisers at this price range that have more than a single speed, making it adaptable for a more extensive variety of terrains. Kent International has been building bikes for over three generations making it a name you can trust.

Critical Cycles Men’s Barron Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B01MRX9CMQ”]

Critical Cycle’s Barron Hybrid is the perfect all weather bike. The 21-speeds allow you to zoom around town while the front suspension keeps your ride smooth. Critical Cycles, owned by Westridge Outdoor, are best known for steel frame fixed-gear designs.

Kent Bayside Cruiser

[amazon box=”B07H77DRPC”]

The upright handlebars and padded spring seat make the Kent Bayside Cruiser an extremely comfortable ride. It is one of the few cruisers at this price range that have more than a single speed, making it adaptable for a more extensive variety of terrains. Kent International has been building bikes for over three generations making it a name you can trust.

Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B01FYGVD0U”]

The Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance Hybrid bike will get you around town with ease. It features an aluminum frame and 21-speeds. The Vilano bike company focuses on their road bike and fixed gear offerings, making it just the manufacturer for the next generation of hybrids. This model has alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes for uphill or downhill braking. The wider 700c tires make for a comfortable and safe off-road ride. The handlebars are bent back for a comfortable riding posture.

Schwinn Kempo Men's Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B07PNRTFR6″]

Smooth shifting and the lightweight aluminum frame are the highlights of the Schwinn Kemp Hybrid bike. The mechanical disc brakes ensure sufficient braking power in all weather conditions.

Hyper SpinFit Men's Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B00UQ7OKDA”]

The Hyper SpinFit Hybrid bike has calliper brakes for reliable stopping power. The frame is a cross between a mountain and road bike making it eye-catching. It’s a great fitness bike option with 21-speeds.

Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame 

[amazon box=”B07B9DVFWK”]

The perfect fit frame is designed with a lower center of gravity for more comfortable upright positioning on the Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser. The slightly recline padded spring seat allows your legs to fully extended when pedaling. It’s a single speed bike with coaster brakes.

Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike 

[amazon box=”B00LMPLR68″]

The Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser comes with the perfect fit frame, making it a very comfortable ride. Accessories include with a front wire basket, handlebar cup holder, and rear rack for all your travel needs. You may have had a Huffy growing up. Their bikes have a reputation for durability. This model is no exception.

Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Commuter Road Bike 

[amazon box=”B01FYGVC7E”]

The next generation Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Commuter Road bike has mounts for a rear rack and bottle holder, making this an excellent choice for commuting and fitness. Its lightweight aluminum frame and 24-speed gears make it a great hybrid at a great price. The alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes are simple to use while alloy riser handlebar gives you a good handle on steering steep terrains.

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Complete Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B06WLM7XGL”]

Diamondback manufactures bikes for triathlon competitions, so you know their bikes are of the highest quality. The Diamondback Bicycles Insight Complete Hybrid bike is a fitness bike that can be custom sized to fit you perfectly.

The mechanical disc brakes and sturdy aluminum frame make this hybrid very dependable in all weather road riding. If you like to have a good range of speed, you’ll love the 21-speed gear. The thicker 32C Kenda KwikTrax tires will let you do just a bit of off-pavement riding when the occasion calls for it although it works best on asphalt.

Diamondback Bicycles Trace Complete Dual Sport Bike 

[amazon box=”B074G1RR16″]

The Diamondback Bicycles Trace Complete Dual Sport bike is great for paved and unpaved surfaces. The Tetra mechanical disc brakes insure that the weather doesn’t hold you back. The front suspension cushions your ride from those pesky bumps in the road. This model also comes with 21-speeds.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B003PJHQ00″]

The Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid also comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit. The larger tires, dual suspension, upright pedalling position, and padded seat make for a smooth ride. You also get the 21-speeds and linear pull brakes with this model.

Diamondback Wildwood Bike 

[amazon box=”B075LY4WD3″]

The Diamondback Wildwood has wide 40c tires with moderate tread for pavement, grass, packed sand or light trails. The linear pull V-brakes are precise. The upright positioning, HL Zoom suspension fork and the KindShock suspension seatpost make for an extremely comfortable ride. Shifting through the 21-speeds with the EasyFire shifting setup is a breeze.

Roadmaster Men's Granite Peak Men's Bike 

[amazon box=”B07595ZKJ7″]

If you are looking for something that isn’t quite as complex as a 21-speed but gives you more options than a 7-speed, check out the Roadmaster Granite Peak 18-speed bike. Its sturdy mountain bike frame will provide you with all the durability you need. Front and rear linear pull brakes and the front suspension are great for trail riding.

Kent Glenridge Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B00Y4U011U”]

The larger wheels on the Kent Glenridge Hybrid bike add some speed to your commute. The 7-speed availability lets you handle any hilly roadway with ease. The front suspension and padded seat help keep your ride smooth and comfortable.

Schwinn Gammon Cruiser 

[amazon box=”B011A4HBTC”]

The Schwinn Gammon Cruiser’s retro upright handlebars and fenders make this a fun ride. There aren’t any cables to mess with on this sleek, practical bike.

Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B00Y4U011U”]

The Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 has the standard Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame. It’s designed for maximum comfort with its upright riding position, padded comfort seat and dual suspension. With the speed of a fitness bike and the ease of a cruiser, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Schwinn Men’s Siro Hybrid Bicycle 

[amazon box=”B00AYCY082″]

The swept-back handlebar, padded seat, smooth shifting, and front suspension fork make the Schwinn Siro Hybrid bike a comfortable ride. The versatility of 21-speeds will have you weaving in and out with ease. The alloy linear pull brakes are also a nice feature. It works well as an urban commuter bike.

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike 

[amazon box=”B0030U8SU6″]

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike comes up a rear rack already installed. Fenders keep you clean from flying dirt as you cruise around town. The front suspension and padded seat make this a very comfortable city bike. The upright, backswept handlebars allow you to enjoy the sights as you ride. Even with the emphasis on comfort, you still get the versatility of 21-speeds and alloy linear pull brakes with this one

Hyper Men's Beach Cruiser Bike 

[amazon box=”B06WGK1NR1″]

The upright positioning and padded seat make the Hyper Beach Cruiser a comfortable and stylish ride. It’s simple contraption with no cables or brakes lines to contend with while you pedal.  Hyper bikes are best known for its BMX and mountain bike models, making it a great hybrid frame manufacture.

Buyer’s Guide 

cruise bike parked on a street

Image Source: Pixabay.com

There are a few things to consider when choosing your bike. Knowing a little about the classification of hybrid bikes will help you determine what type of bike you should be looking at for your cycling needs. Here are a few general points about each type of hybrid style.

  • Cruiser bikes are the bikes you want to ride casually up and down the boardwalk. There usually have a single speed so you won’t want to do much uphill or rough terrain riders with this style of hybrid.
  • Comfort bikes are designed to be the most comfortable of hybrid bikes, as the name implies. This type of hybrid might not have the gear range you like for off-roading though.
  • Commuter bikes have a more upright riding position than a typical mountain bike. They have a heavier frame than some hybrids.
  • Dual-sport and Sport bikes are hybrids designed for more of an off-road ride rather than the urban jungle. They are similar to a mountain bike with an excellent suspension to cushion the rider from bumps in the terrain. They typically have flat handlebars and are not as upright as commuter hybrid bikes.
  • Fitness or Performance bikes use a frame similar to a road bicycle with flat handlebars and a small, hard seat. They also have a wide gear range for those uphill battles but aren’t the best option for really rough terrain. The angle of the frame on a fitness bike causes you to lean slightly forward and might not be comfortable for some riders.

Typical Riding Conditions

two men riding the best hybrid bikes for men under 500 dollars on a park

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Do you need a fast, light bike? Would you prefer something super comfortable for Sunday afternoon drives? Do you live in an area where it rains 200 days a year? Do you need something that handles the pavement with ease for daily commuting? Does your path cross sand, grass or gravel?

Based on your needs, you can set about eliminating types of bikes that won’t meet them. For example, if you need something sleek and fast, you probably shouldn’t go for a cruiser. If you need something that handles wet pavements, a comfort or commuter bike might be better.

Once you’ve determined what sort of conditions you will be riding in and what type of surface you will be riding over, it’s time to look at some of the components of hybrids.

Number Of Gears 

When looking for a hybrid bicycle, you should consider the number of gears which range from a single speed to 27 speeds. If you ride on flat terrains, 1 to 7 will be just fine. The hillier the road, the more gears you will want.

If you are looking for comfort rather than speed than a cruiser hybrid would be your best choice. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! On the other hand, if you have to keep up with traffic, a fitness hybrid might be a better option.


close-up photo focused on suspension installed on one of the best hybrid bikes for men under 500 dollars

Image Source: Unsplash.com

If your regular riding path is full of bumps, you will want to consider suspension options.

Commuter bikes often have front suspension forks which absorb bumps that the front wheel might hit. Other bikes, like comfort bikes, have both front and rear suspensions for the most comfortable ride. Some models have no suspension.

Type of Brakes 

Another consideration is the type of brakes. Coaster or backpedaling brakes work by reversing your pedal direction. Cruiser bikes use the coaster brake instead of hand brakes to complete the nostalgia feel of this model. You won’t want to ride these up (or down) any steep hills though.

Rim brakes come in chromed steel and aluminum alloy. These do not function well when wet and wear down the rims of the bike quickly.

V-brakes, direct or linear pull brakes, are great for all but the muddiest conditions. Cantilevers are better for rough terrain and muddy conditions. Calliper brakes work quickly on flat surfaces like roads.

Mechanical disc brakes provide controllable and predictable stopping power regardless of the circumstances. Hydraulic disc brakes are even more powerful. Disc brakes are more expensive and harder to replace than rim brakes.


photo focused on handlebar of a bicycle while it is running

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Upright handlebars give you the most upright seating position. Flat handlebars pitch your upper body forward somewhat. Drop handlebars take aerodynamics into account.

Riser bars have a bend that adds to the height of the controls. Since the rider is forced to raise his head a bit using this type of handlebar, it helps maintain more steering control for steep terrains.

Handlebars often can be changed with little effort so don’t think you are stuck with a drop handlebar when you would prefer a flat one. When in doubt about whether you can change the handlebars, ask a bike technician for advice. Handlebar height can also often be adjusted so that you have just the right positioning for comfort.


Seats might come with padding, with padding and springs, or not padded at all. You’ll need to decide what you are most comfortable sitting on. Seats are the most accessible component to change. For example, if the bike comes with a fitness seat and you’d prefer a padded comfort seat with springs, well then, go ahead and change it. Seat height can also be adjusted to accommodate your height.

There you have it guys! A hybrid bike doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. In this article, you can see our picks for the top 20 best hybrid bikes for men under $500. No matter what your personal preferences and needs are, there is a hybrid designed for you. So get out there and ride!

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com

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