The bicycle has undergone a lot of changes over the years, despite its simple exterior. The construction materials for parts, frame design, and other adjustments have paved the way for more customization.

When it comes to bicycle accessories, you have products that will help make a safer and more comfortable ride and items that improve visual appeal. Today’s modern cyclist can upgrade simple elements like their bike chain or gears to reflect a more colorful look, swap out tires, or add fun tape to their handlebars.

More practical accessories include grabbing a sturdy helmet with a high safety rating, installing mirrors or a light for improved visibility, and wearing clothing explicitly fashioned for biking.

Whether you are a cyclist that uses their bike for commuting, enjoys riding on off-beaten paths with mixed terrain, or is serious about competitive riding, you’ll want to know about must-have accessories.

In addition to grabbing select accessories for your bike, it pays to brush up on your working knowledge about your bike and needed repairs. Take the time to sign up for a class on fixing a flat, patching a tire, and how to balance your bike.

When you become more experienced with riding your bike, you may find it helpful to grab a patch kit or tools to change a bike tire quickly.

The available accessories for bicycles and enthusiastic cyclists range in price and function. Some items are solely for fun and tricking out your bike in style. Make sure whatever accessories you choose to add to your cyclist arsenal improve your ride, and don’t make it more challenging to get around comfortably.

Be prepared to invest in accessories that may require frequent replacing, or may surprise you with a lifetime warranty. Depending on your lifestyle needs and your bike type, you can get a lot of use out of accessories for a bike.

Comparison Table

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Before You Hit The Road

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The right bicycle accessories might save your life, as many cyclists deal with the struggle to be seen by motorists during the daytime or night, to reduce chances of an accident occurring.

When riding on the street, motorists aren’t necessarily looking out for anyone on a bicycle, but focus more on other cars and pedestrians.

Adding accessories like lights to the front and rear of a bike, in addition to a helmet and tires can help improve visibility. Outfit your bike with reflective surfaces, and wear neon clothing with reflectors to grab attention and reduce collisions. Using flashing lights are very helpful when riding a bike.

Make sure your bike is in good repair with working brakes, so you are better prepared to swerve and avoid an accident. Any parts on your bike that need replacing or repair should be taken care of before hitting the pavement.

If there is one accessory you should invest in above all else, it is a helmet.

Don’t be too overconfident that motorists will see you, and don’t forget about driver reaction time and lowered visibility in the dark.

Stay safe by being prepared and grabbing accessories to alert others to your presence when sharing the road.

When in doubt, map out your route, plan emergency paths, and let loved ones know your plans in case of an accident. Whether commuting or a recreational ride bring water, snacks, and a phone with you when going out riding,

Well chosen accessories might help enhance your riding experience if you play your cards right so that you can feel like a cyclist pro among the pack.

How We Choose Our Ratings 

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We took a look at various bicycle accessories, compared brand reputations, looked at customer reviews, and value given for the price. We wanted to provide you with a list of accessories that offer practical safety features, enhance the comfort of your riding experience, and don’t break the bank in the process.

For the sake of this article review, we focused on accessories that would be appropriate for a road bike for commuter or recreational use.

10 Bicycle Accessories That Every Cyclist Should Have 

Before you hit the pavement, and you check to make sure your bike is in excellent condition for riding, you won’t want to leave out without specific accessories.

You don’t have to have all of the accessories on our list, but you may find it helpful to have more than just a helmet when going out for a ride.

Best Bike Helmet: Specialized S-Works Prevail II with ANGi

[amazon box=”B07G77YGRF”]

Riders find that this helmet provides a lightweight but comfortable fit with plenty of ventilation for air flow.

One thing that grabbed me about this helmet was that it comes with an ANGi sensor in case of a collision, which will signal your cell phone to text loved ones for help.

An accident can happen at any time and may even debilitate your phone, so it pays to be prepared.

Cyclists might enjoy wearing this helmet because they’ll barely notice it’s there. Aesthetically speaking, this helmet is a looker and has an aerodynamic design. The patented EPS construction helps absorb energy from an impact.

Reflective decals on the helmet help improve visibility while riding, and the micro-dial and height adjustment ensures a good fit.


  • Excellent ventilation and aerodynamic designing
  • ANGi sensor alerts for help in case of a crash
  • Ultralight with EPS support


  • A bit pricey

Best Bicycle Shoes: Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

[amazon box=”B01NBUMXOU”]

If you are riding a road bike with clipless pedals for more efficient riding or a hybrid, grab a pair of these bicycle shoes.

The toes are reinforced with EVA backing to protect your feet, and the EVA footbed and midsoles help absorb shock and improve stability and comfort.

The upper part of the shoes are made from a synthetic weather-resistant fabric, which is designed to increase air circulation, and reduce easily degrading from wear and tear. After spending some time on the streets, these shoes are quick to dry.

Riders find that the stiff soles and sticky rubber help keep feet connected to the pedals.

Enjoy an improved casual fashion sense while riding your bike, or off your ride, as these shoes have a skater vibe.


  • Very comfortable with adequate cushion and support for feet
  • Lightweight synthetic fabric improves breathability
  • Casual skater style of shoe is aesthetically pleasing


  • Not a good match for pedals with clips

Best Bike Seat Cushion: Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover 

[amazon box=”B01H71AZ36″]

It doesn’t matter how much you invest in your bicycle if your bum can’t handle the seat. Even the most comfortable of seats could use some extra padding, whether you are wearing bike shorts or not.

An inexpensive fix to spruce up any rider’s bike saddle is to grab a bike cushion.

Zacro makes a bike seat cushion that uses a cushy gel material to handle impact like bumps along the road and helps cradle your seat to prevent chaffing and pain.

Enjoy riding your bike for longer periods after you slip a bike cushion over the saddle, which is designed to be water-resistant and dust-resistant.

Your tailbone will thank you later, and you will notice the difference in your riding comfort immediately.


  • Gel cushion is extra comfortable
  • Budget-friendly buy
  • Easy to slip on and off the bike seat


  • Bike cushion doesn’t fit all saddle types

Best Bike Light: Bright Eyes Rechargeable Waterproof Light 

[amazon box=”B00X90ZYJ0″]

Staying visible is vital when riding in the daytime, but especially when going out on nighttime rides with low to little light.

Don’t rely solely on street lights, reflective strips, or motorist headlights to be spotted on the road. Whether you are riding in dry or wet conditions, you may appreciate having a waterproof light that is extra-bright on your bike.

Get 1600 Lumens on this long-running LED light. The batteries for this light are rechargeable and last up to 16 hours on the lowest setting. Easily install this light on most bikes, as it is made to adjust to varying handlebar sizes.

Be prepared when you grab this light, as it comes with a free tail light and a diffuser lens for added convenience.


  • Rechargeable batteries with long-lasting LED light
  • Adjusts to fit handlebars of all sizes
  • Versatile for biking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures


  • Have to charge the battery often

Best Bike Mirror: Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror 

[amazon box=”B074T612KL”]

Improve the safety of your ride and visibility with a bike mirror from Hafny.

Install this bike mirror on your handlebars and get a better view of what’s around you while on the streets. A reflective strip on the back of the mirror helps grab the attention of others in low light conditions.

Made with an eco-friendly design, this mirror is blast-resistant and relies on a heavy-duty nylon frame.

You’ll need an Allen key to assemble and install this mirror, but it is pretty good at staying put if everything is nice and tight. Some riders complain about a little vibration, but give it a checkup.


  • Anti-glare glass mirror is better than plastic for viewing
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, sleek, modern profile


  • May have to adjust the mirror angle frequently

Best Bike Bell: Mirrycle Incredibell Adjustabell 

[amazon box=”B00ELNGSVM”]

Kick it old-school on your bicycle when you install a bell. Feel like a kid again when you alert pedestrians around you to make a path so that you can avoid needless collisions.

Available in two color options, black or silver, this budget-friendly bike accessory fits on handlebars with a diameter measuring between 15 to 39 mm.

Feel free to adjust the ringer on this bell, so it is in a comfortable position to use when riding.

When you are not riding your bicycle, you can mount this bell on ski poles, hiking sticks, or even a cane.


  • Made from a lightweight alloy that resists rust
  • Alerts others when coming up from behind on a bike
  • Compact and budget-friendly with versatile applications


  • May be difficult to remove once you install it

Best Bike Lock: KNOG Strongman U-Lock 

[amazon box=”B005YPKBDM”]

Deter pesky bike thieves when you park your ride with this modern and chic-looking lock. Bolt cutters won’t quickly get through this lock since it combines hardened steel and UV silicone.

Your bike won’t get scratched up when taking this lock off or putting it on, and this lock is available in multiple color options.

Some riders warn that you might want to apply some lube to the lock and the shackle until you give this lock a lot of use. Also, make sure you don’t lose your keys to this lock, or you’ll be out of luck too.


  • Strong, heavy-duty lock
  • Well made with quality design
  • Resists bike thieves with bolt cutters


  • The lock is small and has a short length so that it won’t fit on all posts

Best Bike Pump: Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump 

[amazon box=”B000FI6YOS”]

When you are on the go, you will want to have a go-to bike pump that is ready when you need it.

Topeak offers a mini pump that is made with quality materials, comes with a fold-out foot pedal, and has an extra-long barrel.

Lightweight and tested to ensure quality, this bike pump is a favorite of die-hard riders and amateurs.

You will have to switch between the Presta and Shrader valve, but that doesn’t take long.


  • The lightweight pump helps fix flats fast
  • Handle rotates 90-degrees
  • Portable and powerful


  • Can be challenging to pump once you get close to 100 PSI

Best Bike Basket: Blackburn Local Basket 

[amazon box=”B01MQNC47N”]

Stay flexible while you ride and grab this simple, clean black basket for your bicycle. You can mount this baby to the front or the back, so you can stow away light groceries, found items, or a good book.

There are plenty of mounting points to ensure this basket stays put once installed on your bicycle.

The universal hardware provided makes it easy to attach to most road or mountain bikes.

Make more room for cargo, but still have ample room to place lights, locks, and straps to stabilize it to your bike and ride safely.

Riders who commute by bike swear by this nifty basket, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Install this basket in minutes, and enjoy a ride uninterrupted by the weight.


  • Includes a mount for a U-lock
  • Clean design with ample space
  • Easy to install and uses universal hardware


  • The basket is on the heavy side

Best Bike Fenders: SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Fenders 

[amazon box=”B016OV17IW”]

When you are out on your bike in rainy or muddy conditions, there’s nothing worse than getting a skunk stripe up your back of grime, dirt, and water.

Protect yourself when you ride with a pair of classic bike fenders, and leave skid marks from the road far behind.

Available in black or silver, this pair of fenders gives your bike an attractive but practical upgrade. Bikes with 700cc tires up to 32 mm in width are a good fit for these fenders.

The front fender has a length of 565 mm, and the rear fender is 730 mm long.

SKS makes some quality fenders, as this pair stays put, looks good, and don’t make a lot of noise while riding. Installing these fenders and making sure they remain secured to your bike takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Removal doesn't take long either.

One downside is that the rubber straps that are included may degrade over a short time, but that is an inexpensive thing to replace.


  • Quality design and construction
  • Allows for multiple mounting positions and adjustment
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Rubber straps are prone to degrading

Buyer’s Guide

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Depending on how often you ride your bicycle, you may find all of our listed accessories helpful for getting around comfortably.

Quality accessories should look good, fit your bike, and increase rider visibility and safety. Many helmets, lights, and mirrors for bikes include reflective stripping to help riders be seen while on the road.

A bike pump is great to keep around in case the air pressure in a bike tire is low so that you can prevent getting a pinched inner tube.

Ensuring your bike is securely fastened so it won’t be stolen easily requires a high-quality bike lock.

Before you ride, make sure you are wearing the right attire to help increase ventilation, reduce sweating and chafing, and avoid getting caught in your bike chain and gears.

Plan out your route or go where the wind takes you, but make sure to be prepared with the right accessories before you jump on the saddle and head out. Ride with confidence, make sure your bike and other items are in working order, and enjoy the road that rises to meet you.

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