Alcoholism has become a major problem in our society and community today. It has become such a problem that even the kids are becoming addicts. The case is so serious that it may even seem to be hereditary. Alcohol addiction makes one feel like they have been locked up and entangled in chains that seem impossible to lose. The chains keeps one down and without professional help, it may end up being a big and a scary problem. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important to participate in programs or campaigns such as going sober for a month. This is a popular campaign especially in the UK that is helping a lot of people into the recovery road and enlightening many who seem to be lost and can’t find their way back. Below are some of the health benefits of going a month without an alcohol drink:


  • Helps improve the blood insulin. A lot and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol may lower the blood insulin. This is a danger as the low insulin in the blood means that you need to supplement it through daily injections as one becomes diabetic. Wherever you go for a month without an alcohol drink, it will mean that the blood insulin will be replenished in the body and your chances of being diabetic are greatly reduced. The insulin is required in the body to generate the strength needed to perform tasks and being energetic. 
  • Reduces high blood pressure. High blood pressure is what is killing many young and old people today. One of the major causes of high blood pressure is heavy consumption of alcohol. Despite it being good for the stomach digestion, excessive alcohol consumption raise the blood pressure because the alcohol is stored as fat along the veins and arteries. This causes the walls to constrict and in order to pump blood, the heart pumps blood and a higher speed to supply the blood to the body causing a high blood pressure. 
  • Saves the liver. Going sober for a month, gives the liver a month to recover and start on the healing process. Although this has not been scientifically proven, it can be comfortably said that there has been a tremendous improvement on the liver after one has gone for a month without an alcohol drink. This however is not a cure to damaged livers or liver cirrhosis but it is a good prevention of the same and a good time for recovery and healing process to settle in. 
  • Helps check on weight. Quitting drinking for a month has shown a good and a healthy decrease in weight for those who are overweight. This is because the excess stored fats have been used up and broken down to glucose which provides the energy required in the body. Research has shown a decrease in about 2 kg weight loss after a month without alcohol. 
  • Helps to check on hypertension. This is a killer disease that has its roots mostly on alcoholism. It causes high blood pressure that force many into hypertension. Before you start on the hypertension pills, it is important to start by enrolling in a quit drinking month program and check on progress.


You should be willing to try and be patient and also lenient with yourself when you are starting on this programs and don’t give up easily.

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